Christmas is here, where's my snow?
Thursday, December 25, 2008 | Author: Dav

It seems to me that Christmas just snuck in and suprised me this time around.

If I've missed out on wishing anyone an amazing and wonderful Christmas, well, yeah, sorry, my bad.

Have a great Christmas guys, be safe

Dav out.
Sorry, your watermark is showing
Tuesday, December 23, 2008 | Author: Dav

I upload quite a few photos to the interwebs, and sometimes, I find the same photo being posted into forums and other sites. Sure, I get a kick out of it, seeing my photos being discussed and stuff. But sometimes, you just want people to know where that photo came from.

Code to prevent someone from copying your images off a website just wont work. Disable right click? God, please.

Two words, 'Black widow'. Don't ask, don't tell. Or something cryptic like that.

So in line with the topic, I've started to use a sweet free software called Picture Shark that helps you watermark your images with a stamp or logo. And its free.

Enjoy a picture of some geo-rock (and my hand) with a watermark here.

Dav out
Christmas decorations
Friday, December 19, 2008 | Author: Dav

I rarely cross posts between blogs, and I try to almost never post the same content on each site but I couldn't help it this time, since:

A. It would be a chore to keep uploading photos and taking up bandwidth.
B. This blog is a little more mainstream then the photo blog.

Great decorations at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Mall.

Who needs a small tree when you can have one that's 6 stories high?

Dav out
End the year with a world ending machine
Sunday, December 14, 2008 | Author: Dav

That's right, now you too, for a limited time only (and a whole lot of wood working skill) can end the year with a world ending machine! If I was in the army, I'd come up with a cool acronym, like WEM, but after WMD caught on, I'll pass on acronyms. For now.

This PDF gives you detailed step by step instruction on how to create your very own WEM .... er... ending.. machine thinggy.

Credits to WoodWorkers Journal.

Dav out.

PS: Let me know in advance when you're going to end the world, I'm a little behind some credit card and home loan payments as it is.
The Day the Earth Stood Still . . .
Saturday, December 13, 2008 | Author: Dav

The Day the Earth Stood Still . . .it would suck to be a sundial salesman. Having one half the Earth in daylight for half the year while the other side in darkness and then it would be reversed for the second part of the year would take a huge chunk out of sales!

Back to the movie.
I caught The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) over the weekend, and I must admit, I enjoyed it. Of course, I am biased towards Sci-Fi of any kind, and Keanu Reeves, of course.

I am ashamed to say I've watched the original movie that was made sometime in the 50's, and there's something to say about a movie made way back then.

I wont compare if they've captured the essence of the old version with the 2008 movie, but there's enough there to get a good idea of what's going on. The intro where we see how Keanu Reeves' character has his DNA stolen might be confusing to take in but that's just me nitpicking.

Speaking of nits and picking, I would have rather seen a kick-ass poster like the one way back when, instead of what they've put up for the current movie.

Compare the bland 'new' poster:

To the alien-grabbed-my-woman-like-king-kong-did poster for the original movie:

Some IMDB linkages here:
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Dav out
Premium coffee ftw!
Thursday, December 11, 2008 | Author: Dav

I don't drink premium coffee. I try to stay away from coffee in general, but this post isn't about me being a tea person, its about premium coffee lids / covers.

That's right! Lids and covers. Someone bought me some coffee, and it was nice, yeah sure. Except I found out the hard way that when your coffee sloshes around the top, it seals off the two holes punctured in the top.

What then occurs is that no matter how much you sip from that small opening in the lid, nothing comes out. I call it 'coffee negative gravity'. You can call it varying pressure (outside the cup and inside the cup) or a vacuum forming, that's OK with me. I'm not biased. Not by much.

The instructables hack? Poke more holes, or clear out the existing holes to balance out the pressure.

What does it say about you when you end up spending 20 minutes reviewing a coffee lid and then blogging about it?

One word, awesomeneses. Yes, I made that word up.

Dav out
Friends with benifits
Tuesday, December 09, 2008 | Author: Dav

Over the years, I've enjoyed many a XKCD comic. This one recently caught my eye.

Dav out
'tis the season for Julmust
Monday, December 08, 2008 | Author: Dav

As usual, as the year comes to the end, and Christmas comes closer, everyone runs over to their local store to get some Julmust.

If you don't live in Sweden, your local store wont have Julmust, so the next best place to get it would be Ikea.

I've had it for 3 years running, its an acquired taste yes, and it bears SOME resemblance to beer, but that varies from person to person.

Tasty goodness from our friends up north. Of course, this year, I found the prices of Julmust a little more steep then usual, so I rationed myself to one bottle. But quite a bottle it was!

Dav out
Template info - Green Light
Monday, December 08, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well the template I'm using is from this site. Its pretty neat, and I seem to have something for Green / Blue coloured pages these days, or it could be a 2009 thing.

There's been some nifty edits, and I've really started to grow on it.

Dav out
Keeping tab on the worlds largest carrot
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 | Author: Dav

I love using Google Analytics to keep tabs on what's going on with the blog. Once the realm of hardcore network people / webadmins, this site now allows anyone who owns a website to track and gather info on visitors.

Recently looking at the results, I noticed a spike in page views:

Looking at the pageviews closer, I notice something odd, as there's a huge jump in views for a page that I've posted a while back. Its common for the latest few posts on a blog to get higher page views, but this post was from way back in 2007.

Someone, or something (guessing Google here) has started to link back to the original Photo Blog post and if you do a quick search using the phrase "worlds largest carrot" you'll see the same results. Apparently its showing up as # 1 on Google Image search and something like #4 or so on Google Search.

Here's a shot of the image that seems to be the search result of a few searches.

So remember, worlds largest carrot - or is it?

Dav out
It burns...
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 | Author: Dav

... when I have a great phrase and no where to use it. I'll try to speak to some of my Aussie friends and see if I can work it into one of our conversations.

Good luck to me!

Dav out
Adsense and colour
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well, I've had to fire up Photoshop to look at the correct colour swatches to rework the Adsense boxes, since the standard colour schemes were standing out too much.

Hope these will blend in a little more.

Just FYI:


Dav out
Box Lamp products from Ponoko
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | Author: Dav

I was browsing around on Instructables, and came across a post that pointed me to a site called Ponoko.

Apparently they make custom stuff. Here's a sample of something that seemed pretty cool to me, a Box Lamp.

Michael Crichton, RIP
Thursday, November 06, 2008 | Author: Dav

Author Michael Crichton dies, 66.

I fire up my RSS and that's what I see on the BBC RSS feed.

More info here. RIP

Dav out
Tuesday, November 04, 2008 | Author: Dav

Using dark powers and spells (read: medication and throat gargle chemicals), I managed to beat the vile sore throat (oh its still there, its foul cold fingers clenched around the insides of my throat - but it will soon be gone).

Onwards to the Oktoberfest!

First off, as usual, they had an offer of 1 bottle of Warsteiner beer at RM1 (2 RM0.50 coins). What was not expected however, was the time change from the usual start of 5pm to 7pm. Yes, I am sorry for making the people that came with me wait around the mall for 7pm. My bad.

This year, only 1000 bottles were put on offer for the RM1 redemption, but in another twist, the happy hour timeslot started at 5pm to 7pm. So if someone was there earlier, they could just sit right on down and start drinking. I didn't. I'm cheap.

A shot of the area at 5pm. Notice that there are quite a few people around already, most of them wondering where the hell were the RM1 beers.

See the guys looking at the tent? There are crates of beer behind there.

Ok so here is a shot of the redemption area, before anyone else got in line. I was in the pre-line, to the redemption area actual line. Sort of a line before a line. Its an Asian thing.

I'm in line, and there's no one behind me. Here's a view of the whole boulevard that ends with a stage. Last year, there was an actual German band, playing some folk music and traditional musical instruments. Someone forgot to invite them, so I had to put up with some local rock band.

Here's the same shot, 10 minutes later.

So we finally get in line, and you see another shot here, now closer to the redemption tent and the icy cold beers. German beers!

Here I have my ticket (Number 0022!) and my 2 RM0.50 coins. Its not a clear shot, but hey, I've been in line for almost 40 minutes.

BEER! Here's a shot of the beer I've waited in line for. This will be the ONLY photo of the beer from here on. Why? I'm busy getting in line for another beer.

After 2 beers, we hit the sausages and meat on the grill. As usual, each plate is priced at RM15 (steep) but damn do they taste good. Each plate comes with a helping of mash potatoes and sauerkraut.

Also a nice addition was French mustard and something that looked like honey mustard. Tasted like wasabi though.

Here's a shot from the 'Beer Hall' if you may. By now, I've had a few beers and meat. I'm a happy man.

All in all, I felt that there were a few shortcomings this year around.

There were too few chairs and tables when compared to the past 3 years I've attended the Oktoberfest, and too few RM1 beers. Oh, and the music, got to have the German music guys.

Dav out.
Must...survive...the week...
Thursday, October 30, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'm suffering from a broken throat. Well, a sore throat. And it sucks. I need to get over it and be ready for the coming Oktoberfest this weekend.

Nothing must come in the way of great German beers, sausages, sauerkraut and mash.

Not to mention the music.

Dav out
Monday, October 20, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well, I've tried to brew stuff before at home, but the major stumbling block has always been the yeast. I've tried brewing mead and a bit of apple cider with the aid of baking yeast, but its come out as camel piss (no, I've never tasted camel piss).

So now I hear Fangy from Canada has a beer brewing kit for his birthday, which has enraged me further!

I've come across a brewing guy (I have no idea what his official title is, Master Brewer?) in Singapore, so I hope I can get in touch with him and get info and some support. Here's his blog

Fingers crossed!

Dav out
I'm thinking I should...
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'm thinking I should adopt a new sleep/wake schedule but the main thing that's stopping me (for now) is the fact I don't work flexible hours at the office. Of course there's that thing called the Sun and whatnot, but one thing at a time!

These days I spend most evenings watching tv while doing something or another on the computer, and if required, baking.

Yes, baking!
{Hangs head in shame}

Now if anyone's tried the 28 hour day system, let me know.

Dav out
I know who you are, all 6 of you
Tuesday, October 07, 2008 | Author: Dav

That's right. Now, thanks to Google Analytics, I'm able to track, review and update the blog with a whole slew of stats that I need. Or maybe I don't quite need.

World Map of Visits

Breakdown of World Map Visits

America Map of Visits

Breakdown of North America Map Visits

So as you can see, I should be focusing on my Swedish and French fans.

Dav out
Wow - I don't need Spore
Friday, October 03, 2008 | Author: Dav

That's right, you heard me. I don't need Spore!

Spore seems awesome, don't get me wrong, but not having a working gaming PC sucks. So in order to make up for the void in my gaming life, I've come across this amazing game here -->

A few screen shots

The upgrading and the bubble tank shapes look / seem pretty cool to me.

Dav out
Paul Newman, RIP
Saturday, September 27, 2008 | Author: Dav

Paul Newman, has passed on at the age of 83 due to cancer. RIP.

Dav out
Oh come on . . .
Thursday, September 25, 2008 | Author: Dav

As usual, Fail Blog provides us with another gem.

Designers, I salute you!

Dav out
Compound weirdness
Friday, September 05, 2008 | Author: Dav

A little random weirdness here:

A says: i need to make a Gantt chart.
A says: and a spread graph.
G says: OK.
A says: for how much water we can save from pooping at work.
G says: interesting.
A says: yeah.
A says: it should correlate time and estimated water use
A says: i think, and this is just an general estimate: if we poop at home ,we tend to spend more time but less water.
A says: because its comfier.
A says: but, if we poop at work, we spend less time, but more water.
A says: so what i want to do is draw a relation between the time, the water, and the location of pooping.
A says: ok?
G says: ok
A says: yay

I never said I was sane.

dav out


Thanks to this site, I've been able to actually go ahead and get my graph up. Of course, you can clearly see the results:

Click on the image to get a clear / larger image

Who said those 2 semesters taking Statistics at Uni went to waste?

Dav out x 2
Firefox vs Chrome
Wednesday, September 03, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well I posted the link to Google's Chrome main page, but it was taken offline last night so there was no way I could download and test it till this morning.

Running Firefox with 3 active tabs and Chrome with the same 3 active tabs, it seems that Google Chrome compares better when it comes to memory / resource usage.

However, I do have a number of active add-on's / plug-in's on my Firefox, and that could be one reason why the resource usage is at the current level. Note also that Firefox has grown from its previous version to the current 3.x version, and as anyone in the industry will know, as you grow, you add more features and functionality and this adds up to code length. Google Chrome, is new, and fresh, and light. I've not test driven it fully, and I intend to over the few weeks.

Dav out
Wednesday, September 03, 2008 | Author: Dav

Soon, we'll be living in a Google-utopia where everything will be Google-tastic.

I'm sure of it.

The recent offering from our lords and masters seems to be a very blue coloured Web Browser. One that is supposed to be light, fast, and doesn't hog your memory.

More on the browser here:

Note that its blue. Like, really blue. And I've not spent enough time to customise the layout of the buttons (cant seem to do that) or amend the colour scheme.

Eh *shrug*

Dav out
Monopoly madness
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 | Author: Dav

I love Monopoly. I'm not sure why, but it could be the draw of earning loads of money and causing other people to go bankrupt.

The problem is, the bunch I play Monopoly with sometimes come up with very interesting outlook on the rules of Monopoly. Truth to be told, I'm not even sure if the rules I have in my head are the right ones, but enough people agree with me, and that makes it ok (majority!)

  1. If you land on the 'Go' space, and you get paid the $200 right away.
  2. This one is related to #1 above. You roll and get a Chance card. It says, advance to 'Go' but it does not say the usual "Collect $200 if you pass Go". Because of this, you can not collect your $200.
  3. When you land on a property space that's not owned, you can go ahead and buy it (no duh!). When you buy the property, because you're a rich poopy-head, you're allowed to go ahead and build 4 houses and a hotel. No, really.
  4. Free parking - when you land on the space marked as 'Pay tax - $100 ' or 'Income tax - $200' you put the money in the center of the board, and when a player lands on the 'Free Parking' space, he/she gets to take all the money accumulated in the center. Awesome!
  5. Players in jail can not collect rent (oh I vetoed this one right away!).
  6. The "I don't know what you're talking about, I've just rolled the dice so no one owes you any money" rule - when a player lands on someone's property, and that person forgets to look up the fact that they own the property (I blame TV), and another person goes ahead and rolls the dice, then the game goes on. No one pays anyone.
  7. If you roll a double 3 times in a row, you go to jail (two same values 3 times in a row - trust me, it happens)

Well, this is what I have to put up with. I'm not saying all of the above 'house rules' are wrong, but some are!

Dav out
This date in history
Friday, August 08, 2008 | Author: Dav

I've just downloaded two awesome fonts, and I think they are just amazing for graphics or even comics. Since its an auspicious date, I thought I'd cobble together a small banner using these fonts.

These fonts can be located here -->

Dav out
Oh the movies I've seen...
Saturday, August 02, 2008 | Author: Dav

Over the course of two weeks, I've binged out on movies. I 'obtained' them in a batch, and now as I sit back to watch them, I realise maybe I've made a mistake (or 3) with some of the movies.

Biggest Mistakes:
BloodRayne 2 (a western? dear god!)

Somewhat a mistake:

Harold & Kumar go to White Castle
Meet the Fockers (I don't know about this one, maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind)
Tomb Raider 2

Oh so not a mistake

40 Year old Virgin (though it started out ok, slowed down a little, then picked up again)
Futurama Season 1 - 6
Tenacious D - Pick of destiny
The Kingdom
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Balls of Fury
Anchorman: Ron Burgundy
Moon 44

I'll kill you if you touch my copy
Hot Fuzz
Street Kings

Dav out
Monday, June 30, 2008 | Author: Dav

I have no idea. Really. None at all.
I've been having DIY on my mind all year long. And 2008 is almost half gone!
One of the few DIY ideas that have been floating around my head has got to be the BBQ Grill and Mead. I've made the mead. Ok, fine, maybe my mead didn't turn out so well (I only had bread yeast, what did you expect?) but I am set to make that BBQ grill if its the last bit of DIY I ever do!.

Ok maybe that made it sound too final. Eh, anyway. Below are a few amazing sites you can visit for DIY info.

How To Do Stuff Blog

Dav out
Thursday, June 26, 2008 | Author: Dav

There's a lot of issues going on around the world with people saying they don't trust their Government (that's right! with a capital G) and that they could do a better job at macromanaging a country.

Well, that may be true. You MAY have a bad Government. But you put them in their high seat of power because you felt they could do some good. And in some cases (ok, fine, most cases) its mainly the issue of choosing between 2 lesser evils.

Enough of serious stuff, try your hand with this amazing Civilization kinda game called Via Sol 2 and see how you fare!

Via Sol 2
Via Sol 2

Dav out
Yay for N70
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 | Author: Dav

I've got the N70 back from the service center. It was the LCD that died, so that put me back around MYR 190. Its an original Nokia LCD, so it doesn't have any Salmon semen in it.

Dav out
Economics: The Cow Factor
Thursday, June 19, 2008 | Author: Dav
Economics: The Cow Factor

SOCIALISM : You have 2 cows, so you give one to your neighbour.

COMMUNISM : You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk.

FASCISM : You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk.

NAZISM : You have 2 cows. The State takes both away from you, takes you out behind the chemical shed and shoots you.

TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM : You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income.

AN AMERICAN CORPORATION : You have two cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the cow has dropped dead.

ENRON VENTURE CAPITALISM : You have two cows. You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters
of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back, with a tax exemption for five cows. The milk rights of the six cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all seven cows back to your listed company. The annual report says the company owns eight cows, with an option on one more. Sell one cow to buy a new president of the United
States , leaving you with nine cows. No balance sheet provided with the release. The public buys your bull.

A FRENCH CORPORATION : You have two cows. You go on strike, organise a riot, and block the roads, because you want three cows.

A JAPANESE CORPORATION : You have two cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called 'Cowkimon' and market it worldwide.

A GERMAN CORPORATION : You have two cows. You re-engineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves.

AN ITALIAN CORPORATION : You have two cows, but you don't know where they are. You decide to have lunch.

A RUSSIAN CORPORATION : You have two cows. You count them and learn you have five cows. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows. You count them again and learn you have 2 cows. You stop counting cows because you're
sobering up and open another bottle of vodka.

A SWISS CORPORATION : You have 5,000 cows. None of them belong to you. You charge the owners for storing them.

A CHINA CORPORATION : You have two cows. You have 300 people milking them. You claim that you have full employment, and high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the real situation.

A BRITISH CORPORATION : You have two cows. Both are mad.

I found this via a chain email. I've always hated chain emails.

Dav out
Firefox 3 out
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 | Author: Dav

Unless you've been living in the mountains (and don't have 3G or something) you would have known by now that the amazing guys at Mozilla have now released Firefox 3.0. Its not beta, its the official launch.

Also, there's a site and a chance to get into the record books with the number of internet downloads of Firefox 3.0, so get in on the action and get a cool PDF certificate as well :)

Download Day 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 download site
Mozilla Firefox World Record Site

Dav out
Phone update
Monday, June 16, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well I had to park a few kilometers away and walk but I managed to hand in my phone to the Nokia Care center for them to take a look at the dead phone. On the way to the service center, I dropped by a teleco shop and the guy behind the counter took one look at the phone and said, "MYR160, you need new LCD I give you good price (sic)."

Warranty? "2 weeks. Very good price (sic)"
Um, is that the original LCD? "Nooooooooo. No one get original LCD. AP LCD! (sic)"

I ran away, mostly because he didnt really bother to look at the phone much after making up his mind on the LCD, and because of the 2 weeks warranty period.

Nokia should call me soon.

At the same time, I was browsing around and came across HP's new IPAQ with 3G, looking good HP!

More info on the HP IPAQ 600 here.

Dav out
The stork delivers
Monday, June 16, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'd just like to wish both Mr and Mrs Sukovich a huge congratulations on their new healthy baby girl Livia Violet -> 14/06/2008.

Dav out
Phone down
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well, my trusty Nokia N70 just upped and died today. When I got home from work, I noticed that the screen was blank but it still had power. I tried to restart it but it didn't seem to work. Pulled the battery, pulled the SIM and the MMC card and left it for a while but it still didn't seem to want to work.

So I'm using my really old Nokia phone and hoping that the hard-format codes I got off the Internet will help me resolve the issue.

Here’s how to hard reset or format your Nokia N70 mobile phone:

1) Switch off your phone
2) Press and hold these 3 keys together:
-green dial key
-the star key(*)
-the number 3 key (Ugh, I wish I had three hands…!!)
3) Power on the phone

Warning: Do not release the keys until you see a formatting screen and even after the phone has started. Wait until the initial sound starts to play and the hand animation is displayed.

Lets wait and see. Hope this doesn't affect the N70 photo blog. Would have to have to rename it to N3310 Photo blog or something :(

Dav out
Petrol, up up and away!
Thursday, June 05, 2008 | Author: Dav

Last night the Govt announced that the price of petrol at the pump will go up from MYR 1.97 to MYR 2.70 (roughly by 40%). I was a little taken aback with the announcement because I would have thought the Govt would have pushed the price up a little at a time till it reached a value they were ok with.

If you didn't know, here in Malaysia, the Govt spends a huge chunk of change on subsidising petrol for everyday consumers. They've been able to keep the price low and stable for a long time now, but with the new price hikes and other issues coming in, I think re-organizing the petrol subsidy is a good idea. The new plan to redistribute the subsidy and other changes are shown below, taken from the Malaysian newspaper The Star.

The Changes

Price increase

Petrol – RM0.78/litre
Diesel – RM1/litre
Commercial and industrial – 26%
Retailers and small restaurant operators – 18% (for first 200kWh per month)
Residential – new pricing structure for users above 200kWh per month

Prices effective today 05/06/2008 (per litre)

Petrol – RM2.70 (previously RM1.92)
Diesel – RM2.58 (previously RM1.58)


> RM625 per year
For private vehicle with engine capacity of 2000cc and below, including private pickup trucks and jeeps with engine capacity of 2500cc and below.

> RM150 per year
For each private motorcycle with engine capacity of 250cc and below

> RM200 reduction on road tax
For private petrol and diesel vehicles with engine capacity above 2000cc

> RM50 reduction on road tax
For private motorcycles with engine capacity above 250cc

Streamlined diesel subsidy
(for approved transportation companies, vessel owners and fishermen)

> Diesel – RM1.43 per litre (previously RM1 per litre for fishermen and RM1.20 per litre for vessel owners)

> RM200 per month for every owner and employee of Malaysian-owned vessels registered with the Fisheries Department

> 10sen per kilo incentive for every kilogram of fish caught by registered vessels

> 10sen per litre for every litre of diesel used by river transportation operators according to approved quota

Gas subsidies restructure
(for Peninsular Malaysia)

> For power producers – from RM6.40 per mmBtu to RM14.31 per mmBtu

> For industrial users (consuming less than 2mmscfd) – from RM9.40 per mmBtu to RM24.54 per mmBtu

> For industrial users (consuming above 2mmscfd) – from RM11.32 per mmBtu to RM32.56 per mmBtu

Electricity tariff restructure

> Households using 200kWh and below every month will not be affected. This covers 59% of households in Peninsular Malaysia with a monthly bill under RM43.60.

> Commercial and industrial users face 26% increase. Small retail and business outlets consuming under 200kWh per month face 18% increase.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas for Vehicle (NGV)

> No change. Prices remain at RM1.75 per kg (LPG) and RM0.635 per litre (NGV)

Oil palm windfall tax

> For Peninsular Malaysia 15% for every tonne of CPO exceeding RM2,000

> Sabah and Sarawak 7.5% for every tonne of CPO exceeding RM2,000 > Abolition of cess tax

Service tax threshold for restaurants and eateries

> Service tax now for restaurants with annual sales of RM3mil (previously RM500,000)

All in all, I think its a positive move by the Govt. Sure, prices are going up, but its not as bad as other countries. We need to buckle down people!

Dav out
IRC strikes again at the cold black heart of productivity
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | Author: Dav

I really blame Gibzon for making me boot up IRC. Really I do!

[Feenix`] man 11:20pm already....
[dav_in] wth
[dav_in] dude
[dav_in] you need to stay up more
[dav_in] MORE
[dav_in] TO THE MAX!
[dav_in] get a shot of tequila
[dav_in] but dont drink it
[dav_in] oh no
[dav_in] dont drink it just yet
[dav_in] thats too easy
[dav_in] you ready for this?
[dav_in] snort it
[dav_in] thats right
[dav_in] snort it
[Feenix`] snort....tequila....
[Feenix`] omg it burns!
[dav_in] yes, thats how you know you're doing it right!

Sometimes I think I live in a world of

Dav out
Driving me MAD
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'm usually stuck on one stretch of road when I drive to work in the mornings. Its a gentle upwards slope that ends with a very wide curve downwards and at the end of this stretch, 2 other major roads join in.

As you'd foresee, its 3 roads, each with 2 lanes, merging into a 3 lane road. Traffic here is insane. Its insane, partly due to the volume of traffic, but I think its mostly due to the crazy drivers all around me that don't seem to understand how to merge into traffic correctly (and safely!).

It drives me MAD.

I sometimes wish every car was equipped with some form of M102 105mm Cannon from the AC-130H. Just the knowledge that the other guy processes such firepower will surely make people drive carefully and be courteous to other drivers on the road.

Hence the term, Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). Cooked up during the Cold War between the Americans and the Soviets (its always the Soviets!), it was an uneasy way of holding the peace.

What say you?

Dav out
New friend blog
Monday, May 26, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'm seeing a lot more of my IRC friends this past month, and I've been catching up on what Wiedz has been up to lately.

He's gone and setup a blog, partly (at least I'd like to believe!) because of my blogging activity.

Here's a link to his blog --> Does this bus go to the mall?

Dav out
Mondays; or the day after
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | Author: Dav

Last Monday was a public holiday here, so I didn't go to work. Now, Tuesday, I walk into the office, and as soon as I sit down to work, I get flooded with work and crap. The kind of thing you get on a Monday. Only now, its worse, because its a Monday + Tuesday thing, and somehow, clients seem to know this and get extra bothersome.

My hypothesis is that because Monday felt cheated by not getting people all messed up with the Monday Blues, its enscrolled its good friend Tuesday into being sucky as well.

I tell you, you cant trust Mondays these days!

Dav out
Hurk is older today!
Wednesday, May 07, 2008 | Author: Dav

Hurk is one year older today. Wiser? Maybe. More Swedish then last year? Definitely!

Stole a cake just for Hurk.

Dav out
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