IRC strikes again at the cold black heart of productivity
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | Author: Dav

I really blame Gibzon for making me boot up IRC. Really I do!

[Feenix`] man 11:20pm already....
[dav_in] wth
[dav_in] dude
[dav_in] you need to stay up more
[dav_in] MORE
[dav_in] TO THE MAX!
[dav_in] get a shot of tequila
[dav_in] but dont drink it
[dav_in] oh no
[dav_in] dont drink it just yet
[dav_in] thats too easy
[dav_in] you ready for this?
[dav_in] snort it
[dav_in] thats right
[dav_in] snort it
[Feenix`] snort....tequila....
[Feenix`] omg it burns!
[dav_in] yes, thats how you know you're doing it right!

Sometimes I think I live in a world of

Dav out
Driving me MAD
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'm usually stuck on one stretch of road when I drive to work in the mornings. Its a gentle upwards slope that ends with a very wide curve downwards and at the end of this stretch, 2 other major roads join in.

As you'd foresee, its 3 roads, each with 2 lanes, merging into a 3 lane road. Traffic here is insane. Its insane, partly due to the volume of traffic, but I think its mostly due to the crazy drivers all around me that don't seem to understand how to merge into traffic correctly (and safely!).

It drives me MAD.

I sometimes wish every car was equipped with some form of M102 105mm Cannon from the AC-130H. Just the knowledge that the other guy processes such firepower will surely make people drive carefully and be courteous to other drivers on the road.

Hence the term, Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). Cooked up during the Cold War between the Americans and the Soviets (its always the Soviets!), it was an uneasy way of holding the peace.

What say you?

Dav out
New friend blog
Monday, May 26, 2008 | Author: Dav

I'm seeing a lot more of my IRC friends this past month, and I've been catching up on what Wiedz has been up to lately.

He's gone and setup a blog, partly (at least I'd like to believe!) because of my blogging activity.

Here's a link to his blog --> Does this bus go to the mall?

Dav out
Mondays; or the day after
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | Author: Dav

Last Monday was a public holiday here, so I didn't go to work. Now, Tuesday, I walk into the office, and as soon as I sit down to work, I get flooded with work and crap. The kind of thing you get on a Monday. Only now, its worse, because its a Monday + Tuesday thing, and somehow, clients seem to know this and get extra bothersome.

My hypothesis is that because Monday felt cheated by not getting people all messed up with the Monday Blues, its enscrolled its good friend Tuesday into being sucky as well.

I tell you, you cant trust Mondays these days!

Dav out
Hurk is older today!
Wednesday, May 07, 2008 | Author: Dav

Hurk is one year older today. Wiser? Maybe. More Swedish then last year? Definitely!

Stole a cake just for Hurk.

Dav out
Weirdness in IRC
Tuesday, May 06, 2008 | Author: Dav

Gibzon told me to go back to IRC, and I did!
I'm just killing some time there, doing nothing important when someone comes into the channel, and this sparks one of the second weirdest IRC chats I've ever had. (Don't ask me what the first weirdest chat I've had, thats for another day)

[@Tenchi] hmm
[dav_in] dont you hmm me young man
[dav_in] woman
[dav_in] person
[@Tenchi] excuse me
[@Tenchi] i dont no u
[dav_in] "i dont no u" ?
* Tenchi is now known as DarkDragon
[@DarkDragon] u were saying
[dav_in] i was saying?
[@DarkDragon] im waiting
[dav_in] i'm lost
[@DarkDragon] ya
[@DarkDragon] ill bet
[dav_in] i am
[dav_in] should i maybe, get on my knees?
[dav_in] grovel a little?
[@DarkDragon] umm
[@DarkDragon] u no
[@DarkDragon] i dont like ppl that gravel
[@DarkDragon] dislike it
[dav_in] i dislike gravel too
[dav_in] kinda rough on the knees
[@DarkDragon] wee why say it
[@DarkDragon] well
[dav_in] well i didnt, you did
[@DarkDragon] umm
[dav_in] aye
[@DarkDragon] [dav_in] i am
[@DarkDragon] [dav_in] should i maybe, get on my knees?
[@DarkDragon] [dav_in] grovel a little?
[@DarkDragon] u did say it
[dav_in] um, and if i could use my magical copy paste thinggy --]
[dav_in] [@DarkDragon] i dont like ppl that gravel
[@DarkDragon] umm ya can
[@DarkDragon] so
[@DarkDragon] i dont
[@DarkDragon] but u said u do
[dav_in] you dont.. ? what?
[@DarkDragon] i dont like ppl that gravel it makes them pathetic
[dav_in] you do realise that gravel is a type of rock yeah?
[@DarkDragon] um
[@DarkDragon] do u reliaze that gravel is when ppl beg on there knees
[dav_in] um, no, actually i didnt
[@DarkDragon] u do now
[dav_in] i thought that was still under 'grovel'
[@DarkDragon] dunno
[dav_in] well, thank you for clearing that up!
[@DarkDragon] ok
[dav_in] so um, do any graveling lately?
[@DarkDragon] nope
[@DarkDragon] i bow to noone
[dav_in] ok, fair enough
* DarkDragon is now known as Tenchi
[dav_in] lol is anyone logging this?

You can draw your own conclusions to IRC and its users!

Dav out
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