Monday, August 20, 2007 | Author: Dav

Well I was minding my own business today packing stuff and moving them about in my car porch and suddenly this lady walks up with a guy and starts talking to me.

Like talking to me. As if we went to the same school (not possible, since she was a little more my mom's age) and I was like wtf? what is this? After talking to me for about 1 minute on their aim to bring some good back to the neighbourhood, I was convinced that they were some friendly neighbour that I've never seen around before (stranger things have happened!) but then the guy swings out this doctor's bag and slips out some pamphlets. The hammer drops. She goes,"We are also known as Jehovah Witnesses. I dont know if you've heard of us?"

Right about now, alarm bells started going off in my head. Not klaxon's. Oh no. I reserve the klaxons for when someone tells me they're with the Church of Scientology.

So I do what everyone in my position does, I tell both of them politely, "Uhm I'm pretty tied up right now...."

Does this put them off? Heck no!
She goes right through, and the guy waves more pamphlets, "Can I speak to someone else in the house then?"

Another point in time where I go WTF?

I tell them no one's home, and I need to go pick up some dry cleaning.
She SAYS "Oh I'm sure there's someone else at home we can speak to, we need to spread the word and do good!" Now, I dont know about you guys out there, but when I tell someone that there's no one at home, then they should just get the message or trust me, plain and simple. By now I've had enough and I tell her thank you and walk into the house and close the door, leaving the both of them standing there. I peek out of the window and I see another 4 people come up to the first two at my door and talk to them, each of their partners carrying a similar bag!

OH NO a group of Jehovah Witnesses at my door! A bunch! A squad! A phalanx! I dont know what the official plural form for them, I'm busy freaking out. What if they scale the gate?

After a while they leave. I like religion. I LIKE MY religion. I felt pretty disturbed after that.

What do YOU guys do when they come up to you and dont leave you alone?

Dav out
Amazing instructions from Basic Instructions
Friday, August 10, 2007 | Author: Dav

From time to time, I tend to come across a webcomic or two thats worthy of a Blog post. Today is one of those times where I've had a chance to read over an amazing webcomic called 'Basic Instructions'.

As the title says, the comic is about Basic Instructions given to the man on the street on how to accomplish tasks.

Read and enjoy!

Dav out
Ikea goodness
Monday, August 06, 2007 | Author: Dav

I visited Ikea over the weekend, and I must say, its an amazing concept. The Ikea here is the largest concept store here in South East Asia, and its great to be able to see how items go together as a whole in a specific room.

Just to keep Hurk and Gibzon happy, I bought a bottle of Elderberry Juice and some Lingonberry jam. Both good. I cant quite describe the juice or the jam, its just one of those things you'll have to taste to figure out.

Dav out
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