Starbu...wait what?
Friday, April 20, 2012 | Author: Dav

I caught this on the news today:

"Starbucks to phase out coloring from crushed beetles"

I'm like, yeah, so maybe its on their logo or on cups or something. Turns out I'm wrong. Oh. So. Wrong.

"Starbucks Corp said on its blog on Thursday that it will stop using a natural, government-approved coloring made from crushed beetles in its strawberry flavoring by late June, bowing to pressure from some vegetarian customers."

Wow. Crushed bugs? Seems like Starbucks has been using the extract in its strawberry frappuccinos and smoothies, as well as some deserts like raspberry swirl cake.

  1. Lucky I'm not a strawberry frapp kinda guy
  2. I'm more of a cheese cake person
Turns out that this isn't a new thing. Wikipedia says that the dye has been in use since the 15th century to dye material a deep crimson colour.

Now, FYI, this is what goes into your drink (ground up of course):

Shaken, not stirred please

Once you get over the whole "There's BUGS IN MY COFFEE?" it seems like this is pretty much a normal thing, the US FDA says its ok with them.

Uh, mom, why's that barista crushing something to a bloody pulp and adding it to my drink?
Well veterinarians vegetarians all around the world should be able to breathe a sigh of releif as Starbucks will be amending their recipes to make use of lycopene, a natural, tomato-based extract.

Next we'll have this happen and give up on that as well.

We should have used beetles instead!

Dav out

I like it like that!
Hey windows down, chillin’ with the radio on
I like it like that!
Damn, the sun’s so hot, make the girls take it all off
I like it like that!
Yeah, one more time, I can never get enough of everybody
Sing it right back, I like it like that!
Sunday, April 01, 2012 | Author: Dav

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Wrote up a resignation letter, and have some stuff packed for my move to Estonia, flight and train ticket booked (but have not paid the full sum till the house rental agreement is written up!).

Pretty excited, the role I've taken up is something completely out of my normal range of skills, I've been given the opportunity to work as a junior tradesman for a local Viru Valge brewing company. Pretty wild, pretty out there kind of job but this is something I've been thinking about my whole life.

Estonia's Coat of Arms

For the past 3 weeks everyone I know has practical given me the riot act on why I shouldn't move. Well, I've weighed my options, and in the worst case scenario, I can always go back to IT if I need to.

Read more on the amazing country here:

Gives you an idea where Estonia is

My first concern is the weather (never really been a cold weather guy) and second would be the language. Food, I think I can resolve.

I may have to change the blog title soon to something more appropriate, and I might be posting in Estonian or Finnish soon.

Wish me luck!

Dav out.

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