Largest restaurant
Sunday, May 24, 2009 | Author: Dav

I caught a program on tv(Discovery!) called World's Largest Chinese Restaurant. I'm not all that squirmish, but when they had a chef cook-off, and they made 2 dishes, I was pretty put off.

The first was a snake dish, which was something that looked like simple chopped snake with soy sauce. What got to me was the fact the snake parts were still squirming around on the plate. The second dish was a fish dish, which was prepared in something like 53 seconds. The fish was fried, but in such a way, that the fish head wasn't fried, and was still 'alive'. The fish gills and mouth were gaping for air, even after being fried.

Come on, that's got to be insane stuff.

Dav out
PuR-fect water
Sunday, May 24, 2009 | Author: Dav

I came across this in the local paper, and I was completely blown away. Its a packet of chemicals that helps treat water so that its safe to drink

One packet, and you get drinkable, clean water. That is just insane stuff. What shocked me further was the cost and how cheap it was to get out into nations that needed it.

This video shows you how cool this stuff is --> Video of PUR in action.

This is indeed, an amazing invention, and the scientists working on it should be awarded some kind of prize. A car. No, a BOAT! Well a brick BBQ at least.

Dav out
Airports updated deux
Sunday, May 03, 2009 | Author: Dav

I missed the 'Post' button on the last rant on Airports, but with the amazing prowess of the interweb, I'm able to call attention back to it.

Airports, how I hate thee

I spent, in total, 2 hours looking for a power point in the airport. Two, effing, hours.

Number of power points found: 5
Number of working power points: 0
Number of weird power point locations: 5

I had to squat next to a bathroom entrance, a fast food dumpster area, and in a long walk way, with people rolling over my feet with their trolley / pull bags.

Giving up, I walked 15 minutes to the food court, only to find a BAJILION power points littered around the area. No, really, that many. Plugging into a power point, my hot mocha in hand, I try to browse available Wi-Fi points, and there aren't any. So its either, you have power, or you have the internet, but not both.

Who designs these places? Whom. Whoooooo?

Sad day for the interweb road warrior.

Dav out
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