Paul Newman, RIP
Saturday, September 27, 2008 | Author: Dav

Paul Newman, has passed on at the age of 83 due to cancer. RIP.

Dav out
Oh come on . . .
Thursday, September 25, 2008 | Author: Dav

As usual, Fail Blog provides us with another gem.

Designers, I salute you!

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Compound weirdness
Friday, September 05, 2008 | Author: Dav

A little random weirdness here:

A says: i need to make a Gantt chart.
A says: and a spread graph.
G says: OK.
A says: for how much water we can save from pooping at work.
G says: interesting.
A says: yeah.
A says: it should correlate time and estimated water use
A says: i think, and this is just an general estimate: if we poop at home ,we tend to spend more time but less water.
A says: because its comfier.
A says: but, if we poop at work, we spend less time, but more water.
A says: so what i want to do is draw a relation between the time, the water, and the location of pooping.
A says: ok?
G says: ok
A says: yay

I never said I was sane.

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Thanks to this site, I've been able to actually go ahead and get my graph up. Of course, you can clearly see the results:

Click on the image to get a clear / larger image

Who said those 2 semesters taking Statistics at Uni went to waste?

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Firefox vs Chrome
Wednesday, September 03, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well I posted the link to Google's Chrome main page, but it was taken offline last night so there was no way I could download and test it till this morning.

Running Firefox with 3 active tabs and Chrome with the same 3 active tabs, it seems that Google Chrome compares better when it comes to memory / resource usage.

However, I do have a number of active add-on's / plug-in's on my Firefox, and that could be one reason why the resource usage is at the current level. Note also that Firefox has grown from its previous version to the current 3.x version, and as anyone in the industry will know, as you grow, you add more features and functionality and this adds up to code length. Google Chrome, is new, and fresh, and light. I've not test driven it fully, and I intend to over the few weeks.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008 | Author: Dav

Soon, we'll be living in a Google-utopia where everything will be Google-tastic.

I'm sure of it.

The recent offering from our lords and masters seems to be a very blue coloured Web Browser. One that is supposed to be light, fast, and doesn't hog your memory.

More on the browser here:

Note that its blue. Like, really blue. And I've not spent enough time to customise the layout of the buttons (cant seem to do that) or amend the colour scheme.

Eh *shrug*

Dav out
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