New phone with camera
Monday, October 30, 2006 | Author: Dav

Well a friend of a friend is offering me a Nokia N70, and seeing as how my older Nokia DIED, I might take it. Would be a great way of getting more pictures on to the blog too.

Stay tuned.

Dav out
Sunday, October 29, 2006 | Author: Dav

Well its been a crazy past 2 months for me, insanity ensues when work and family stuff clash head on!

Not to dwell on the crazy stuff, I took mom, dad and the fiancé over for some Oktoberfest fun, where imported German beer was being sold for RM1 (it was an offer thing, the catch was you had to use 2 fifty cent coins and there was a limit, but all good!) with insanely awesome German sausages and sauerkraut!

Super fun, the band was pretty cool too.
Below is the extract from the feast

Look forward for this year’s biggest blast of GREAT BEERS FANTASTIC FOOD….. EXCELLENT ENTERTAINMENT which got better. For three consecutive days at Lower Ground Floor Rainforest from 27th to 29th October 2006 this year’s festival will see German Band Inntaler Musikanten performing five hours of heart stumping Bavarian folk songs, dances and yodeling.

International beers will be going that great bargain and offers along with best of Bavarian Cuisine from Dave's. What more……. It’s all fun at the OktoberFest, with line-ups such as live DJ spinning top charts, game master giving away loads of freebies, game booths, face painting, racing queens and fast and furious cars . DON'T FORGET ! RM1 WARSTEINER BEER ! Get your two fifty cents coins ready !

Dav out
How very apt
Wednesday, October 11, 2006 | Author: Dav

Just something for a laugh here.

[ Pwyff ] So one day, George Bush and The Queen of England are sitting in her room talking about politics, when Bush asks the Queen, "How do you know if the highest members of your state are smart enough to be doing their job?"
[ Pwyff ] And the Queen replies, "Well, I usually ask them riddles, and see how fast they respond. That's usually a good way to see if they can think for themselves."
[ Pwyff ] So the Queen calls Tony Blair in, and asks him, "If your Parents had a child, but it's not your sister, and it's not your brother, who is it?"
[ Pwyff ] And Tony Blair immediately replies, "That's easy, it's me!"
[ Pwyff ] And the Queen, who is very pleased, send Tony Blair away.
[ Pwyff ] Now, Bush, who is very impressed, brings the Queen to find Donald Rumsfield and asks him, "Hey Donald, if your parents had a kid, but it's not your sister, and it's not your brother, who is it?"
[ Pwyff ] And Rumsfield ponders for a long time, and then admits to Bush that he has no clue.
[ Pwyff ] Pissed off, Bush drags Rumsfield and the Queen to Dick Cheney, where Bush asks Cheney, "Hey Dick, if your parents had a kid, but it's not your sister or your brother, who is it?"
[ Pwyff ] And Cheney ponders for a long time, and then he finally lights up with an idea, and says "It's me!"
[ Pwyff ] And Bush gets REALLY pissed off, and yells at both of them, "NO YOU IDIOTS! IT'S TONY BLAIR!"

Dav out
October yey!
Monday, October 09, 2006 | Author: Dav

Well its been a rough week. More like a rough month.
From work based issues to house hunting, to just being tired in general.

2 days ago my home PC died. It got caught up in an infinate reboot loop, and it didnt want to even boot up in safe mode (XP Pro) and it would just hang at this one driver and reboot over and over. A quick check from work showed it to be something that Alcohol 120% installed, and truth to be told the guys at Alcohol 120% (support) got back to me via email pretty quick. Sadly, no go.

Had to reboot the pc with an XP CD, best part was, I DID NOT KNOW where I had chucked the damn thing. A CD I borrowed from work (hastily, I was rushing for work) turned out to be XP OFFICE Pro. FFS.

Ended up downloading the entire CD, took me till Sunday evening, even then couldnt reboot and repair the OS Partition, XP recovery didnt even have the database insatlled to do the repair (maybe corrupted) and hence it didnt want to boot me and ask for my admin password. It didnt even see the partition as [NTFS] just [UNKNOWN] which basicly left me with the only option of formating and starting from scratch.
Lost my files. Lost my downloads. Lost some movies. Lost alot of games and almost 20 hours sunk into Dungeon Siege 2.

After 3 hours or so of application installs, setups, and configurations, now it seems, that the Realtek AC3 97 audio driver doesnt want to work, and it doesnt even want to uninstall. No audio. Tired. Hate someone. Something. Nevermind

Dav out

[EDIT] Dropped my old Nokia 8250, it doesnt power on now, using a backup Sony Ericsson T230. Hate it. Cant figure out anything. Bah
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