Red dot of doom
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | Author: Dav

Has anyone out there (besides me, of course) ever used that little mouse / touchpad replacement on an IBM laptop that looks like a red dot, feels like a bit of eraser on the top of your pencil?

How did they come up with this? This thing must have been designed by the Devil HIMSELF.

Its true. I had a loaned laptop, and it was an IBM. Being away from my normal desk, I didn't have a mouse. No problem I thought, lets just use the touch pad. WHERE, pray tell, is the touch pad? *gasp*

No touch pad.

Just the left and right mouse / laptop buttons.

I used it for 20 minutes. 20, amazingly long, finger numbing minutes. I think I have a permanent finger cramp now. Or even some form of obscure CRT.

I hate you Red Dot ™

Dav out

"I came across a saying in Arad Doman. 'The more women there are about, the softer a wise man steps.' "
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On 5:44 am , Ashiq said...

LMFAO. Take my extra USB mouse! PLEASE!

On 10:44 am , Dav said...


Ok the image I posted shows a touch pad (or it looks like a touch pad, can never be too sure with these tricky IBM units). The laptop I used had no touch pad.

Also, I now have my own Microsoft USB mouse back, which I like very much and thank God for every day.

On 8:50 pm , AlesS said...

I've got a Dell laptop that also has such a stick. I got used to it in a month, now I use it faster than a mouse. With a mouse you always have to have some clear area on your desk, with this stick you don't. Oh, and no more mouse repositioning when you run out of mousepad! Using touchpad is so slow... That stick must have been designed by God himself!

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