China chomps down on fake apples
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | Author: Dav

Well its all over the news by now, but those fake Apple 'Stores' in China are being closed down as we speak. Oddly, they are being closed because some of them do not have a license to operate, and not because they are infringing on any rights of the principal company.

Is this a case of 'creative license' gone too far in terms of mimicking an Apple store, or is really more of "imitation is the best form Of flattery"?

Kudos to the original blogger that brought this to light, but I'm pretty sure this was already known by the locals though no one really bothered to act on it.

Strangely so, Apple has also been mum on this. As long as they are selling genuine products maybe?

*shrug* Welcome to the new world order.

Dav out
Astute statute
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | Author: Dav

The recent news on people brought up for wrong doing (during work at an ex company location) has me thinking, is there even a statute of limitations on what you've done, and if there is, how long back does it go?

Alcatel Lucent, NoW and other companies are feeling the brunt of these issues, but its the people working under the management that's being offered as sacrificial lambs. I'm not saying that these people DIDN'T know what they were doing, but in some cases its what you do on a day to day basis at work and never really think about it later.

No, I don't go around bribing people nor do I hack phones. Haxx0r!

Its just, how long back in time do the need to look before they find something incriminating? I don't want someone to go back 15 years in my past and say they found me drinking a can of Coke at my first job as a store boy just because someone dusted off a VHS of a security cam.

Its an interesting notion, but its something I'm trying not to dwell on.

Dav out
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | Author: Dav

Overheard @ the restrooms of a hotel after a business meeting:

[A] Uh, this Thursday, besides the afternoon, when else are you free?
[B] Well, the morning I guess.
[A] That's no good. I'm meeting someone in the morning. What about later?
[B] Um, no, I'm not going to be in the office during the afternoon. You already know this.
[A] Ah, yeah. Hey, what about 2pm then? The client's available at 2pm.
[B] I'll text you, ok?

Now, let me be clear. I'm one of those people who think personal time at the restroom / urinals is just that, personal time. Don't encroach on it by striking up a conversation with me, even more so something related to work.

The thing is, guy [A] obliviously did not really grasp what 'afternoon' means. Or perhaps in their environment its something else all together.

For me, afternoon is anything after 12pm (or 1200 hours). Guy [B] must have had enough and couldn't concentrate on the job at hand, hence him agreeing to what came across as absurd to me.

*shrug* I'm just saying, you know?

Dav out

I remember how we used to talk
about the places we would go when we were off
and all that we were gonna find.
And I remember our seeds grow
and how you cried when you saw
the first leaves show.
The love was pouring from your eyes.
It's taking a while
Tuesday, July 05, 2011 | Author: Dav

Recently I've been wading through some cruft and trying to sort out what works from the bits that don't.

It's been . . . . challenging.

Actually, no, that's not quite the right word. If I had some duct tape and was able to tape together challenging, painful, confusing, and downright insane, I'd be able to come up with the word I need here.

I'm going to ease off work for a bit.

Just a little bit.

Dav out

Yea right picture that with a kodak
And better yet, go to times square
Take a picture of me with a kodak
Took my life from negative to positive
CDN Win!
Monday, July 04, 2011 | Author: Dav

Canada Day is celebrated on 1st July, the official independence day of Canada. The day commemorates the founding of the Canadian federal government by the British North America Act of 1 July, 1867.

That's for the rest of us who didn't know that it was Canada's birthday last week.

CDN Edit:
Rumor has it some other obscure country in that region will shortly be having its own annual celebration of itself. Have not been able to find anymore information about this. Stands to reason though.

Dav out
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