My list can beat your list!
Wednesday, January 07, 2009 | Author: Dav

I've had to explain in brief a few items on my list to a friend, namely:

  • Learn more VB or basic programming.
  • Build a killer robot.
  • Build a normal robot.
  • Attend social gatherings (but not too many, cant have the case of family-itits)

Learn more VB or basic programming

He's told me off on my choice of programming language. Well in my defence I did say "VB or some basic programming" which would include (but not something I'd want to look at seriously) .Net, ASP and maybe PHP.
Aless is recommending that I take a look at Python and Ruby. Now, usually, I'll stay away from hippy non-windows stuff, but Python does run on Windows, so I'll take a look at it when I have the time.

Build a killer robot.

Build a normal robot.
Aless has a wonderful idea on how I can incorporate both robot ideas! As you can see above, I've had to strike out the killer robot plan. But now, thanks to Aless, I can accomplish both.

In his words: (Or as close as I can remember them)

You need to build both robots. Then you'll have a robot that kills, and the second robot made as a perfect replica of the killed person, to replace the person.

One word. PERFECT!

All I'll have to do is pick a target, and then build a robot, and make it look like my target. Then, build a killer robot (should be easy), send the killer robot on its way, and when the job's done, send the masquerading robot to take his / her place.

Attend social gatherings
I'm an IT Geek, as so he's kindly pointed out. We don't like going out and dealing with people. But I like food and I like some good drinks and all that warmth that comes with a good night out with people you feel at home with.
To sum it up:

X "hey lets go to that party"
D "will there be people there?"
X "well, sure, its a party remember?"
D "will there be food and drink there? Free?"
X "um, sure?"
D "I'm SO there!"

I hope, that my list can now beat your list Mr. Aless.
Never mind the fact that he's a lazy person and never updates his blog any more!

Dav out
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