October yey!
Monday, October 09, 2006 | Author: Dav

Well its been a rough week. More like a rough month.
From work based issues to house hunting, to just being tired in general.

2 days ago my home PC died. It got caught up in an infinate reboot loop, and it didnt want to even boot up in safe mode (XP Pro) and it would just hang at this one driver and reboot over and over. A quick check from work showed it to be something that Alcohol 120% installed, and truth to be told the guys at Alcohol 120% (support) got back to me via email pretty quick. Sadly, no go.

Had to reboot the pc with an XP CD, best part was, I DID NOT KNOW where I had chucked the damn thing. A CD I borrowed from work (hastily, I was rushing for work) turned out to be XP OFFICE Pro. FFS.

Ended up downloading the entire CD, took me till Sunday evening, even then couldnt reboot and repair the OS Partition, XP recovery didnt even have the database insatlled to do the repair (maybe corrupted) and hence it didnt want to boot me and ask for my admin password. It didnt even see the partition as [NTFS] just [UNKNOWN] which basicly left me with the only option of formating and starting from scratch.
Lost my files. Lost my downloads. Lost some movies. Lost alot of games and almost 20 hours sunk into Dungeon Siege 2.

After 3 hours or so of application installs, setups, and configurations, now it seems, that the Realtek AC3 97 audio driver doesnt want to work, and it doesnt even want to uninstall. No audio. Tired. Hate someone. Something. Nevermind

Dav out

[EDIT] Dropped my old Nokia 8250, it doesnt power on now, using a backup Sony Ericsson T230. Hate it. Cant figure out anything. Bah
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