Compound weirdness
Friday, September 05, 2008 | Author: Dav

A little random weirdness here:

A says: i need to make a Gantt chart.
A says: and a spread graph.
G says: OK.
A says: for how much water we can save from pooping at work.
G says: interesting.
A says: yeah.
A says: it should correlate time and estimated water use
A says: i think, and this is just an general estimate: if we poop at home ,we tend to spend more time but less water.
A says: because its comfier.
A says: but, if we poop at work, we spend less time, but more water.
A says: so what i want to do is draw a relation between the time, the water, and the location of pooping.
A says: ok?
G says: ok
A says: yay

I never said I was sane.

dav out


Thanks to this site, I've been able to actually go ahead and get my graph up. Of course, you can clearly see the results:

Click on the image to get a clear / larger image

Who said those 2 semesters taking Statistics at Uni went to waste?

Dav out x 2
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On 7:51 pm , Calle said...

Umm.. dude. Are you alright? :)

On 3:18 am , Hurk said...

On 1:01 pm , Dav said...

You know hurk i just clicked your old blog before i saw the comment and i was wondering wth happened.

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