PuR-fect water
Sunday, May 24, 2009 | Author: Dav

I came across this in the local paper, and I was completely blown away. Its a packet of chemicals that helps treat water so that its safe to drink

One packet, and you get drinkable, clean water. That is just insane stuff. What shocked me further was the cost and how cheap it was to get out into nations that needed it.

This video shows you how cool this stuff is --> Video of PUR in action.

This is indeed, an amazing invention, and the scientists working on it should be awarded some kind of prize. A car. No, a BOAT! Well a brick BBQ at least.

Dav out
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On 2:09 am , Calle said...

I sure hope they don't trick the kids in that video. That'd be evil!
"Here kids, drink this supposedly clean water" WHAAMM "Ha, you've got parasites now"

But seriously, if that really works and if it's really cheap, then it's awesome!

On 11:25 am , Dav said...

I read in the paper its something like USD 0.20 to make per sachet and USD 0.10 to ship in super huge container units to third world countries.

On 11:43 am , Amoskeag said...

My first reaction is to filter and boil water, but that doesn't take into account that fuel isn't always available to boil the water. I know from my camping and hiking days to always boil water (at a minimum), but I usually had either wood to burn (or more conveniently) a small gas burner. And if I couldn't make fire? Iodine tablets and a filter of some sort.

A packet like this, in areas where my portable stove is a rather extravagant luxury, makes a lot of sense. 10 liters of water from one packet seems to be rather efficient and I hope that it works out. Africa (hell, anyplace where people need to access water without the benefit of sanitation) could really benefit.

On 11:55 am , Mossdragon said...

kekekekeke hi frien heal plskthx ^____________________^

On 11:58 am , Dav said...

you missed that one by a mile its more like {^-_-^}

On 12:15 pm , Benjamin said...

OMG, water h4x!

Someone had to say it

On 12:18 pm , Dav said...

Let that someone be CDN!

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