Weirdness in IRC
Tuesday, May 06, 2008 | Author: Dav

Gibzon told me to go back to IRC, and I did!
I'm just killing some time there, doing nothing important when someone comes into the channel, and this sparks one of the second weirdest IRC chats I've ever had. (Don't ask me what the first weirdest chat I've had, thats for another day)

[@Tenchi] hmm
[dav_in] dont you hmm me young man
[dav_in] woman
[dav_in] person
[@Tenchi] excuse me
[@Tenchi] i dont no u
[dav_in] "i dont no u" ?
* Tenchi is now known as DarkDragon
[@DarkDragon] u were saying
[dav_in] i was saying?
[@DarkDragon] im waiting
[dav_in] i'm lost
[@DarkDragon] ya
[@DarkDragon] ill bet
[dav_in] i am
[dav_in] should i maybe, get on my knees?
[dav_in] grovel a little?
[@DarkDragon] umm
[@DarkDragon] u no
[@DarkDragon] i dont like ppl that gravel
[@DarkDragon] dislike it
[dav_in] i dislike gravel too
[dav_in] kinda rough on the knees
[@DarkDragon] wee why say it
[@DarkDragon] well
[dav_in] well i didnt, you did
[@DarkDragon] umm
[dav_in] aye
[@DarkDragon] [dav_in] i am
[@DarkDragon] [dav_in] should i maybe, get on my knees?
[@DarkDragon] [dav_in] grovel a little?
[@DarkDragon] u did say it
[dav_in] um, and if i could use my magical copy paste thinggy --]
[dav_in] [@DarkDragon] i dont like ppl that gravel
[@DarkDragon] umm ya can
[@DarkDragon] so
[@DarkDragon] i dont
[@DarkDragon] but u said u do
[dav_in] you dont.. ? what?
[@DarkDragon] i dont like ppl that gravel it makes them pathetic
[dav_in] you do realise that gravel is a type of rock yeah?
[@DarkDragon] um
[@DarkDragon] do u reliaze that gravel is when ppl beg on there knees
[dav_in] um, no, actually i didnt
[@DarkDragon] u do now
[dav_in] i thought that was still under 'grovel'
[@DarkDragon] dunno
[dav_in] well, thank you for clearing that up!
[@DarkDragon] ok
[dav_in] so um, do any graveling lately?
[@DarkDragon] nope
[@DarkDragon] i bow to noone
[dav_in] ok, fair enough
* DarkDragon is now known as Tenchi
[dav_in] lol is anyone logging this?

You can draw your own conclusions to IRC and its users!

Dav out
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On 10:29 pm , Calle said...

Haha, you're cruel! :D But Internet sure has its fair share of stupid people. I'm one of em, and I'm proud of it!

On 2:48 pm , AnimeBlogger-Wannabe said...

Hmm, are you trying to prove that you're a smarter person? I myself just learn the grovel and gravel after reading the blog.
Anyway, that 'gravel' fella is indeed stupid. I mean, what the hell is 'i dont no'?

On 2:52 pm , Dav said...

Well I'm not out to prove anything. Thats why I put "You can draw your own conclusions to IRC and its users!" at the end of the post. Its just something you see in almost every IRC channel, is a good example too.

On 12:38 pm , *Alouqua* said...

and what chan was this in? one I know? (or perhaps I should say, "1 I no?") Btw, HI and how the hell are ya?

On 12:48 pm , Dav said...

It was #fantasy.

How are you? Pretty good here, just bogged down with work. Any chance you're on MSN or irc let me know

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