TV Basilisk attack!
Monday, April 28, 2008 | Author: Dav

I spent my weekend doing chores and work stuff, but I managed to spend some time in front of the TV. Of course, it being the weekend and all, there wasn't much on the TV except for game shows and the sort. I kept flipping channels and I came across a movie that was about to start, and the title just caught my attention. Completely!

Basilisk: The Serpent King

First, lets start with how many stars I'll give to the movie, even before I discuss it, because I'm l337 like that.

*gasp* Thats right, its a Sci-Fi chan movie, and I'm giving it a 2 star rating. Honestly, unless you were as bored as I was, there would have been no real reason to watch this. When I saw the title I was all "OMGZ Basilisk! Pwn!" (well maybe not really like that!) but as the movie progressed the Kill-Me-Now's crept in. The movie had average effects, and some of it was not bad.

One part had the National Guards come in and, get this, shoot M1A1 rounds into an open sewer manhole. Then proceed to fire a shoulder bazooka into said manhole. Wow. Just, um wow.

All of the characters were 2 Dimensional, except for the goofy sidekick, who had great lines and an amazing screen presence. I mean, look at him! Being held at knife point by a model slash villainess slash anorexic (don't let it fool you boy's and girls, this is a bad thing!)

Of course, everyone knows the Basilisk from MtG, where it is an awesome and fierce creature no person would ever go up against!

All phear the Basilisk from the thickets!

Dav out
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On 2:53 pm , Calle said...

Hahaha.. sounds like an awesome movie!! Well, not really.. but I kinda like sucky movies because of their "cheesyness".
But I'll heed your suggestion and will probably NOT watch this one! ok?

On 2:57 pm , Dav said...

Dude watch the movie its ok and the side kick is awesome! Much like a younger Mythbuster guy

On 3:09 pm , Calle said...

It's great that you liked the side kick that much... I'm happy for you! But nah, I think I'll pass.

On 3:23 pm , Dav said...

But dude, the sidekick! you'll make him sad if you don't watch it!

On 3:33 pm , Calle said...

Wth? Are you trying to convince me to watch the movie now!? NO! I won't!

On 3:56 pm , Dav said...

I am! I know it sounds crazy, but hey, I'm Asian!

On 6:49 pm , Calle said...

Yeah man.. you're Crazian!!

On 1:12 am , Hurk said...

Magic!!! I want to play

On 9:47 am , Dav said...

Yeah man you should!
Go here and download it:

On 11:15 am , Calle said...

Hmm.. have you guys tried Guardian?

On 2:07 pm , Dav said...

Never heard of it. whats guardian all about?

On 6:39 pm , Calle said...

It's a secret!

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