Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well I've diddled around with the layout of the blog a little to include:
  • Slightly larger text fonts (maybe its just me or age creeping up, but I like to be able to read stuff easily).
  • Google Adsense advertisements! (gasp!) Yes, I've sold out, and I need the money for that mink coat and pink hat.
  • Labels. Most posts will carry a label (or two) so you can sort out what you want to read quickly.
  • A map! Hurrah! A map!
I'll keep on adding stuff like I once did to the old blog layout (the one I had to give up because I moved to the Beta {not anymore!} Blogger template).

Just in case some of you play scrabble or really would like to know where I got the diddle bit you can read more on 'diddling' here and here.

Dav out
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