Tuesday, November 04, 2008 | Author: Dav

Using dark powers and spells (read: medication and throat gargle chemicals), I managed to beat the vile sore throat (oh its still there, its foul cold fingers clenched around the insides of my throat - but it will soon be gone).

Onwards to the Oktoberfest!

First off, as usual, they had an offer of 1 bottle of Warsteiner beer at RM1 (2 RM0.50 coins). What was not expected however, was the time change from the usual start of 5pm to 7pm. Yes, I am sorry for making the people that came with me wait around the mall for 7pm. My bad.

This year, only 1000 bottles were put on offer for the RM1 redemption, but in another twist, the happy hour timeslot started at 5pm to 7pm. So if someone was there earlier, they could just sit right on down and start drinking. I didn't. I'm cheap.

A shot of the area at 5pm. Notice that there are quite a few people around already, most of them wondering where the hell were the RM1 beers.

See the guys looking at the tent? There are crates of beer behind there.

Ok so here is a shot of the redemption area, before anyone else got in line. I was in the pre-line, to the redemption area actual line. Sort of a line before a line. Its an Asian thing.

I'm in line, and there's no one behind me. Here's a view of the whole boulevard that ends with a stage. Last year, there was an actual German band, playing some folk music and traditional musical instruments. Someone forgot to invite them, so I had to put up with some local rock band.

Here's the same shot, 10 minutes later.

So we finally get in line, and you see another shot here, now closer to the redemption tent and the icy cold beers. German beers!

Here I have my ticket (Number 0022!) and my 2 RM0.50 coins. Its not a clear shot, but hey, I've been in line for almost 40 minutes.

BEER! Here's a shot of the beer I've waited in line for. This will be the ONLY photo of the beer from here on. Why? I'm busy getting in line for another beer.

After 2 beers, we hit the sausages and meat on the grill. As usual, each plate is priced at RM15 (steep) but damn do they taste good. Each plate comes with a helping of mash potatoes and sauerkraut.

Also a nice addition was French mustard and something that looked like honey mustard. Tasted like wasabi though.

Here's a shot from the 'Beer Hall' if you may. By now, I've had a few beers and meat. I'm a happy man.

All in all, I felt that there were a few shortcomings this year around.

There were too few chairs and tables when compared to the past 3 years I've attended the Oktoberfest, and too few RM1 beers. Oh, and the music, got to have the German music guys.

Dav out.
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On 12:12 am , kennhyn said...

if u looking to buy paulaner beer or hacker pschorr, let me know.

I was there at the beer fest too...cheers!!!

On 12:16 am , Dav said...

Well I don't bother buying Paulaner Beer in can or bottles because I try to only get it at the Deustsches Haus (Damansara - just after Help College) on tap.

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