Monday, October 20, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well, I've tried to brew stuff before at home, but the major stumbling block has always been the yeast. I've tried brewing mead and a bit of apple cider with the aid of baking yeast, but its come out as camel piss (no, I've never tasted camel piss).

So now I hear Fangy from Canada has a beer brewing kit for his birthday, which has enraged me further!

I've come across a brewing guy (I have no idea what his official title is, Master Brewer?) in Singapore, so I hope I can get in touch with him and get info and some support. Here's his blog http://singbrewer.blogspot.com/

Fingers crossed!

Dav out
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On 1:53 am , Hurk said...

Dude, Why not just buy yor beer? :)

On 11:58 am , Dav said...

Buy my beer? That like, cheating! Plus the price of beer has gone up, and its not tasty beer like you guys get in Europe etc. Its 'normal' beer that I rarely drink

On 6:00 pm , kennhyn said...

I was wondering that day, can brew with baking yeast, lucky I didn't try, if not I would have produce camel piss also...haha...thanks...cheers!!!

On 11:26 pm , Dav said...

Well baking yeast gives the drink a very overly yeasty flavour.

The guy from http://singbrewer.blogspot.com/ is a master brewer, so he knows his stuff.

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