End the year with a world ending machine
Sunday, December 14, 2008 | Author: Dav

That's right, now you too, for a limited time only (and a whole lot of wood working skill) can end the year with a world ending machine! If I was in the army, I'd come up with a cool acronym, like WEM, but after WMD caught on, I'll pass on acronyms. For now.

This PDF gives you detailed step by step instruction on how to create your very own WEM .... er... ending.. machine thinggy.

Credits to WoodWorkers Journal.

Dav out.

PS: Let me know in advance when you're going to end the world, I'm a little behind some credit card and home loan payments as it is.
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On 12:50 am , bullet.train.with.bullet.heart. said...


1. how did you get my url??

2. its not my fault you watched the older and probably less "special-effects filled version" of the movie

3. please comment on my cbox instead...it's easier



On 9:38 am , Dav said...

Well, if I told you how I found your blog address, I'd have to kill you.

Suffice to say I'm in IT?

I will not comment on your cbox because it is evil.

Your blog is ... um... quaint?


On 4:31 pm , bullet.train.with.bullet.heart. said...

oh puh-leez its not evil you're just lame...L-A-M-E!
like shermal =P


On 4:36 pm , Dav said...

I am sad you had to go compare me to Shermal.

I bet Shermal's happy though being compared to me ;)

On 10:27 pm , bullet.train.with.bullet.heart. said...

don't give yourself too much credit dude....you probably only have him on your side...no wait...i'm pretty sure its only him who's dumb enough to actually be on your side =P


On 10:58 pm , Dav said...

Well someone's come out with all guns blazing :(

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