'tis the season for Julmust
Monday, December 08, 2008 | Author: Dav

As usual, as the year comes to the end, and Christmas comes closer, everyone runs over to their local store to get some Julmust.

If you don't live in Sweden, your local store wont have Julmust, so the next best place to get it would be Ikea.

I've had it for 3 years running, its an acquired taste yes, and it bears SOME resemblance to beer, but that varies from person to person.

Tasty goodness from our friends up north. Of course, this year, I found the prices of Julmust a little more steep then usual, so I rationed myself to one bottle. But quite a bottle it was!

Dav out
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On 2:02 am , Hurk said...

I hope you bought some "pepparkakor" to have with the julmust!! :)

On 7:22 am , Dav said...

I believe those cookies are in the first photo, on the top right. And no, I didn't get any, Ikea was a mad house that day! Just wanted to get in and get out.

Did get some sexy pint beer glasses, pictures to come.

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