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Tuesday, December 23, 2008 | Author: Dav

I upload quite a few photos to the interwebs, and sometimes, I find the same photo being posted into forums and other sites. Sure, I get a kick out of it, seeing my photos being discussed and stuff. But sometimes, you just want people to know where that photo came from.

Code to prevent someone from copying your images off a website just wont work. Disable right click? God, please.

Two words, 'Black widow'. Don't ask, don't tell. Or something cryptic like that.

So in line with the topic, I've started to use a sweet free software called Picture Shark that helps you watermark your images with a stamp or logo. And its free.

Enjoy a picture of some geo-rock (and my hand) with a watermark here.

Dav out
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On 9:42 pm , bullet.train.with.bullet.heart. said...

your photos are being used and talked about....and you wanna prevent that?... wonder you're not famous =|

On 9:31 am , Dav said...

Linarz, posting a watermark isn't designed to stop them from using the photo, just to stop them from claiming the photo as theirs.

Also, if the photo gets linked in a forum, at least the forum users will link back to your blog etc.

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