Keeping tab on the worlds largest carrot
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 | Author: Dav

I love using Google Analytics to keep tabs on what's going on with the blog. Once the realm of hardcore network people / webadmins, this site now allows anyone who owns a website to track and gather info on visitors.

Recently looking at the results, I noticed a spike in page views:

Looking at the pageviews closer, I notice something odd, as there's a huge jump in views for a page that I've posted a while back. Its common for the latest few posts on a blog to get higher page views, but this post was from way back in 2007.

Someone, or something (guessing Google here) has started to link back to the original Photo Blog post and if you do a quick search using the phrase "worlds largest carrot" you'll see the same results. Apparently its showing up as # 1 on Google Image search and something like #4 or so on Google Search.

Here's a shot of the image that seems to be the search result of a few searches.

So remember, worlds largest carrot - or is it?

Dav out
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