Phone update
Monday, June 16, 2008 | Author: Dav

Well I had to park a few kilometers away and walk but I managed to hand in my phone to the Nokia Care center for them to take a look at the dead phone. On the way to the service center, I dropped by a teleco shop and the guy behind the counter took one look at the phone and said, "MYR160, you need new LCD I give you good price (sic)."

Warranty? "2 weeks. Very good price (sic)"
Um, is that the original LCD? "Nooooooooo. No one get original LCD. AP LCD! (sic)"

I ran away, mostly because he didnt really bother to look at the phone much after making up his mind on the LCD, and because of the 2 weeks warranty period.

Nokia should call me soon.

At the same time, I was browsing around and came across HP's new IPAQ with 3G, looking good HP!

More info on the HP IPAQ 600 here.

Dav out
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