The things we say
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 | Author: Dav

Its funny how somethings we say come out sounding so bad when it sounded so good in our heads.

"If the software could do that and make coffee or tea, and ask you how you wanted your eggs, I would have married that instead"

that would get me in a heap of trouble.

Dav out
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On 10:57 am , Ashiq said...

Yes well I figured out what you were thinking when you said that and I just wanted you to know that I love you too man! :)

On 5:22 pm , Ashiq said...

Dude, this is the longest I've seen you go without posting.

On 12:05 am , Feenix said...

Agreed! Post something!! Like I should talk though :)

On 2:37 am , Hurk said...

Ahhaha, that was a bad to leave your mouth dude :)

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