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Thursday, March 22, 2007 | Author: Dav

Thought I'd post something again, just because the juices are starting to flow

Dav out

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On 12:51 am , Davin said...

He held the rock glass from the tips of his fingers, hand hanging limply over the arm of the couch he sat in. It made soft clinking sounds as the ice melted over the aged and distilled Coke ™ he had poured himself. A stroke of marketing genius, by cutting out the middle man; it had already long been mixed into an assortment of liquors, and just producing an alcoholic version of the drink, they had cornered the world’s market on soft drink and liquor.

The news channel he watched had long done away with real anchor people and started using virtual targeted anchors based on specific data they gathered from their viewers. His widescreen showed him an elderly man, steel grey hair, reading the news from an actual printout, making eye contact with the viewer. Smart marketing allowed for specific custom virtual anchors for every viewer type. He wasn’t even really watching the news, just letting the hum of human voices roll over him as he sat there deep in thought and melancholy. The glass he held in his hand clinked more as a layer of water formed above his drink, long forgotten in his hand.

The door chimed three times before he even noticed it, and he set his glass down on the coffee table before he answered it. It was late, but these days, that didn’t mean anything. It could be early for someone, somewhere else in the world. Not bothering with the door screen, he opened the door to see a short, sharply dressed man at his door. The man didn’t seem surprised that he had answered the door, more relieved actually. He didn’t need the bio-engineered glands implanted in his brain to know something was wrong about the situation, and instead of trying to slam the door and bolt it, he leaned forward, grabbed the short man and head butted him as hard as he could. “Got to keep them off balance,” he thought to himself, efficiently bringing up his knee as the other man crumpled downwards, and was rewarded with a loud crunch as he broke his nose. Secreting a cocktail of enhancers directly into his bloodstream, he dragged the man with the broken nose inside and slammed on the emergency door lock down he had rigged himself. Two solid 5 centimeter bars extruded from both sides of the metal door frame and bolted securely in place. “One minute. That buys me one minute,” he said softly to the man on the floor.

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On 4:51 am , Calle said...

Wow, that man rocks. Please write more about him! Well done Daway \m/

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