Speed of life
Sunday, March 04, 2007 | Author: Dav

Lately it feels like the days are going by at the speed of life. You heard me right, the speed of life. Its variable, and sometimes a whole lot faster then the speed of light, but at times its slower then a snail on a bed of salt (go figure).
I guess its all relative, and most of the time (for me at least) its relative to the amount of work I have and how much time I get to spend doing the things I love.

Money tends to get in the way of what I want to do though, but thats a whole different issue I guess. I'm aiming at working on my writing, model making, and gaming (with a new PC, which I'll pay with my left kidney, looking at the prices of processors these days!)

So yeah. Speed of life guys.

Dav out
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On 4:34 am , Ashiq said...

whoa! That's deep man. Fun = FAST, boring = SLOW and painful. Don't sell the kidneys. Trust me on this.

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