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Tuesday, March 06, 2007 | Author: Dav

As mentioned in earlier posts, I'm trying to push myself back into writing (random stuff) because I've started to grow super lazy. Now, in order to not bore the 4 people or so that frequently read my blog, I will have a short post with the Label 'Story' and then paste the actual short story in the comment field. This way, the main post will not end up looking like I had just copied it from the New York Times or something. It also serves to piss people off, because they would have to click the comments link to read. Extra mile, thats what I say!

These story posts will also be followed by the below image:

Dav out

PS: Just FYI, the image was made in Microsoft Visio, and it has an option to save as a GIF which is neat.
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On 1:48 pm , Ashiq said...

Yes, well, BRING IT ON!

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