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Friday, March 16, 2007 | Author: Dav

I've caved in to Asiqz and posted. It sucks but eh oh well

Dav out

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On 11:41 am , Davin said...

Lost in his thoughts, Jason was brought back to reality by Jafar.
"Hey, Jason, Team 3 didn't report back last night."
"I said, Team 3 didn't report back. 32 hours and counting."
Sitting up, he asked, "When was their last report?" "Just over 36 hours ago. Their tracking beacons show them still at the site. We just haven't been able to get a comn link trough. No signs of jamming and our satellites are clear."
"Damn. What's their status?"
"Green, but we lost contact for 5 minutes or so before we got the signal back.The biometric signs would show if the team had any casualties."
"Then send in a retrieval team. Get them the hell out of there," said Jason as he reached for his comn unit.
"Jason the site is still hot. Policy has it that any team not back within stated mission parameter time is to be counted as MIA. You know that as well as I do."
"Damn it you just told me that their biometric signs were green. That's not a write-off man!"
"Jason, dude, remember the 5 minutes we lost the signal. 5 min's to long man. Calm down. There's nothing you can do now. The Old Man has already ordered the site to be sterilized."
"Jezus! Termite Plasma charges? He can't do that!"
"He already has Jason. Look we're already here. Why don't you ask him yourself."

The elevator doors closed as it took him up to the operations room, and Jason leaned against the elevator wall. Damn it, he was responsible for Team 3 and the Old Man better listen.
The elevators opened and Jason was instantly transported into chaos. A large screen covered most of the main wall, with other, smaller screens around it. People were mobbing about, some shouting orders, others taking them. No one noticed him until he ran a query for Team 3's status trough his neural net.
"Sir, Team 3 is in Sector H9-A - north quadrant," said a tech.
"Sector H9? The Core meltdown site? It's off limits!"
"Try telling them that Jason," came a voice from behind. Turning around, he saw a tall man, about 50 years old.
"Sir you have to order an extraction team," said Jason.
"Sir!," said Jason again.
"Jason I heard you. I'm sorry, rules are rules."
"Damn it Edward just give them a chance! Send me in alone I don't care. I'll get them out."
"Jason they are gone. Biometric signs or not. This was a loss. Huge Charlie Foxtrot. I'm not going to lose another team, not today. Sarah launch the drones."
"Online. Drones launched."

"Confirmed payload of Termite Plasma. ETA to target 5 minutes."

"Jason you know this is the only way."
"Sir should I abort the sterilization procedure?" asked the computer.
"Negative Sarah. Proceed with the run."

"Confirmed sterilization procedure. Drones will be in range in 1 minute."

"Termite Plasma launched.
There was a 10 second delay before the computer replied, "Direct hit reported by drone on board computers." Suddenly the room filled with noise as the new data came trough the net. The new data scrolled slowly on the main screen but many of the techs were busy accessing the net trough their implants.
"Area has been sanitized. Colateral damage to friendly forces limited to lower 30%"
"Thank you Sarah. Continue with ops and keep me briefed, I'll be in my office," with that Edward Jamison left the room.

On 12:25 pm , Ashiq said...

Is this part of a larger story? I wanna ask who, what, where when and how?

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