Surfer, Dude. Like, dude.
Wednesday, August 05, 2009 | Author: Dav

I caught Surfer, Dude (the movie) the other day. It started off fine. I'm one of those people that are ashamed to say that I kind of like Matthew McConaughey. His white teeth does seem a little freaky, even more so in this movie since he's pretty tan and everything.

I am sad to inform you dear reader, NOT TO WATCH this movie. I come across as a doomsayer when I say that. But no, really, this movie was pretty bad. Really bad.

I had no idea what the producer's had in mind when they made the movie. I was half expecting some form of surf-off between McConaughey and his rivals or something cool like that, but there wasn't any. Maybe the producers were worried they might accidentally rip off Surf's Up or something, I don't know.

Half a surfboard out of 5 surfboards for this movie, bro.

Dav out
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