My achilles' heel is my Achilles' heel
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Author: Dav

Original Blog post: [20/07/09]

I've been having issues with my Achilles heel recently. I don't know if its due to the heavy driving that I've been doing (its my right foot / leg) or if I've hurt it in someway.

Only real exercise I get would be walking but that's about it.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm not talking about this:

Its more along the lines of this:

Looking up some physiotherapy I can do at home to make the pain go away. The pain isn't something major, but its there and it tends to wear me down after a while.

Someone needs to do something about all this squishy gooey human bits and replace it with some simple to service medical grade steel.

Dav out

I received in total one (1) complaint about the original Achilles photo. Replaced the image with an edited one (sorry, way too lazy to find a program to pixelate it and make it look like a professional job)

Link to original uploaded image here.

This post takes the blog to all sorts of new PC heights!

Dav out... again
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On 4:15 pm , AlesS said...

WTF? Complaint about the Achilles photo? Oh your favourite deity, will the regression of human mind never end?
BTW, I used to have issues with my ankles because I twisted them once or twice a year waaaay back in my days of regular jogging. So yeah, this can be quite annoying.

On 11:58 pm , Dav said...

Well I'm pretty sure its not jogging, since I do next to none of that.

Best guess is that its either the way I'm resting my foot / leg when I drive or when I'm at my desk at work.

On 12:25 am , Dav said...

The human mind is an interesting thing. Band together with enough people, and even the wrong thing becomes right

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