Slim PlayStation 3 coming soon
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | Author: Dav

The latest news is that the PlayStation 3 will now come out in a slimmer, sexier footprint.

From whats being thrown out on the Interwebs, seems that the new slim PS3 will also be a little cheaper when compared to the older PlayStation 3.

More comparison pictures of the PlayStation 3 slim and a few other game units here.

Though I'd wonder on what they had to toss out to make the unit so much more slimmer then the original PlayStation 3. A quote from one of the websites:

The PS3 Slim is powered by a new 45nm version of the Cell processor, which runs at the same speed as the 60nm processor in the "old" PS3 but is smaller and more energy efficient. According to company reps, power consumption for the Slim has also been cut to two-thirds, "helping to reduce fan noise," which is important.

Something I've seen (mostly with computers) is that a smaller footprint always leads to heat issues or issues with upgrade.

The one feature missing from the Slim is the ability to install another operating system (i.e., Linux)--Sony is doing away with that feature.

Woah, hold up, you cant mod / install Linux or anything else on it? Well that might be a huge issue with it comes to some gamers. I've seen the videos of having Linux on the PlayStation 3, and I must admit, it looks pretty neat. Much like having a different OS on the XBOX 360.

Wonder if I'll get one.

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On 9:15 pm , Jason Quah said...

so when you will get one? hehehe i buy my controller

On 6:49 pm , Dav said...

I'll bring the controller cables . . . .

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