Semi Pro bow chicka wow wow
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Author: Dav

The usual funk set in with work and stuff, so I fired up the old movie USB drive (my DVD player lets you plug in a USB drive and plays practically everything - go LG!) and watched Semi Pro.

Before I go on with the general movie review, read this for a reference to 'bow chicka wow wow' if you're not really a RvB fan.

I'll give you a good 10 minutes to wrap your head around that bit of urban knowledge.

Back to Semi Pro (IMDB link here). Its funny that I used the word 'funk' earlier, because this 2008 movie is set way back when the funk was really funk, 1976. Sure, its over the top, but what do you expect when you have Will Ferrell in it? His portrayal of Jackie Moon is pretty crazy, but the entire movie just didn't hit the mark for me.

Gasp! Teh HORROR! A Will Ferrell that didn't quite deliver?

Yes. When you compare Semi Pro against Step Brothers, you'll see what I mean. Semi Pro just seems pretty cliché in which you have a down and out sports team, you bring in a loner who wants to play for all the wrong reasons but cant, and in the end, they all come together to win something.

Sure, there are some Ferrell moments, and yes, this movie is still worth watching, don't get me wrong.

I'd say this movie sits in that grey area that Blades of Glory is in, its good, its funny-ish, but not quite up to the mark.

Just don't say that to Will Ferrell. Have you seen the man? 6' 3½" tall, able to bear hug people to death. Damn, that's not someone I'd want to mess with.

Dav out
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