Gillette Mach3
Monday, June 13, 2005 | Author: Dav

Now before someone accuses me of being an advert whore, I'd just like to say, the following blog was NOT paid for by Gillette.

Yes, I finnaly upgraded my older razor to a Gillette Mach3. Now I've seen the ads, I've heard of the 'amazing 3 blades that allow you to have a smoother and closer shave' but I just didnt need all the hype and the price for the Mach 3 was a pretty penny anyway.

But I got one last night because I plan to keep my older razor (a Gillette Mach 2 Sensor Excel - dont ask me where they get these names from) in my traveling kit as so I'll never be without a shaver.

Well I'm happy with the shaver, its pertty amazing, almost 0 nicks with a brand new blade. The only gripe I have with it is that the blades are now positioned diffrently, and are flat out instead of the standard shaver/razor blade. Its going to take some getting used to, and making precise cuts might be difficult.

A picture of the Gillette Mach3

Yes yes, I know, this just seems like blog filler ;D

Dav out
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On 4:14 am , Ashiq said...

No way!
::Points at picture::
We use the same Razor!

Admit it! Gillette paid your @$$. They know people visit your site. They've seen the counter (Was this your plan all along Davin? :)

On 10:08 pm , Davin said...

HELL NO! No no I meen no! They DID NOT *wink* pay me *nudge nudge*

But for real, the razor is sweet. Expensive as hell, and I had to sell my left kidney, but sweet !

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