Waking up is never easy...
Monday, August 30, 2004 | Author: Dav
It took me 10 minutes to get out of bed and into the shower, but when I'm done I find that our fridge has chilled the milk too much to my taste (in my cornflakes) and I stumble over to the microwave. Now I've had soo much to do over the weekend, including a client's dinner where I came into contact with a magical item called the "Never Go Empty Beer Glass" which in its self was a wonderfull thing, but it sort of explains why I'm so gorggy today.
I slide my cup of milk into the microwave, punch the 'High' button and press 40 seconds. I then press the 'Cancel'. Then I stand there like an idiot for a few seconds, before I slap my forhead and do the whole thing again, 'High', 40 seconds... then I press CANCEL AGAIN! This goes on for a few times before I give up and have cold COLD milk for my cereal.

The offending microwave

The evil control panel

Dav out
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On 6:34 pm , AlesS said...

I assume one official language in Malaysia is English. What is the other one? :]
On that control panel there are some funny words. I don't understand anything other than English. ;)

On 7:58 pm , Davin said...

Yeah that other language is 'Malay'. Its the official language of Malaysia

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