Tea and Ales
Thursday, August 19, 2004 | Author: Dav
Well Ales has been on my case about the tea I drink in one of his blog posts, and I guess I owe it to myself to educate him on the finer points in making and drinking tea. Below are some shots I took. Hope it helps Ales

The actual box the tea bags come in

The tea bags

Another shot of the tea bag

The tea bag in my mug of hot water brewing

The label on the tea bag

I like milk with my tea, fresh milk

The brewed tea and milk mixed in

Ahh nothing like a fresh cup of tea
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On 6:24 pm , AlesS said...

Is the milk... homogenised? I can't find any *simple* milk here, every damn thing is homogenised. And that is bad. Body cannot process the fat in homogenised milk so it does damage in arteries. So you see why they say the lower the fat content the better the milk. Fat on itself isn't bad, it becomes bad when milk goes through homogenisation. Check this out, for example.
Anyway, how does that tea taste like? :]
Tea bags! Sheesh, I thought you were more professional. ;) I'll have to borrow a camera and show you how it's properly done. ;]

On 9:35 am , Davin said...

Look its just because I don't have the time to get tea leaves and let them brew in a teapot. The other reason is, in the office, I'm the only real tea drinker, sure my MD has tea too, but most of them are COFFEE people.

The tea taste's great. One day I'll make it so you can taste over the internet. :)


And I dont know about homogonisie milk :)
its full cream milk mate
Well you ASKED for pics, and you GOT pics. Hoped you liked em.

On 2:48 pm , AlesS said...

Pics are great! Sure I like them. :)
I'm just a bit sensitive to the issue about milk. Practically nobody knows anything about it.
Anyway, I thought Malaysians were mostly tea drinkers. At least something I saw on TV said so. :] Something about the Boh tea. I'll see if I can find it the next time I'm out shopping for tea...
Oh, and is it true Malaysians tend to have sweet teeth? And drink their tea sweetened? :]

On 12:47 pm , Davin said...

Well I dont think Malaysians as a whole like things sweet, its just a personal preference. Some people/coffee/tea places add in condense milk (its milk in a can thats treated and I think I'll get more info later need sleep now) and the condense milk is WAYYY sweeter and they dont use any sugar at all.

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