Sick as a dog
Monday, August 09, 2004 | Author: Dav
I'm sick. Like a DOG. The whole 9 yards. Flu, fever, coughs, chills, random sweating.
My nose is blocked, and when I do blow it clear, its like there's a pressure inbalance in my face and ears and it hurts for a while.

I'm at work now (Monday). Looks like what Mossy said about "killing youself for work till you're 30" seems to be true.


Dav out
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On 6:48 pm , AlesS said...

You need a week off. Call it a sick leave, call it whatever. Exactly a year ago I had a case you have now. I was in bed for ten days: first the flu, then sore throat (angina). My immune system has shattered to pieces. Watch out this doesn't happen to you. Rest! Relax!

On 9:07 pm , Davin said...

Ugh I WISH I could take a week off, but at the moment it feels like the whole company is revolving around myself and another guy at work. Its freeky, one call after another, managers keep mentioning my name.

And tomorow I get to sit in on a meeting to discuss using Terminal Service for a client data entry (off site). I need to look up Microsoft's licence stuff now

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