Friday, June 25, 2004 | Author: Dav
I need sleep, going without it for almost 2 weeks is not doing me any good. Then again I have managed to setup PHP on my XP machine and I am busy studying it (or trying to), so I guess it HAS some merits, not being able to sleep.

Dav out
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On 7:26 pm , AlesS said...

Why on Earth would you want to learn PHP? Sure, a good decision if the only other choice would've been perl, but a bad one if there's also python around. ;)
XP?! I bet you still haven't tried that knoppix CD... :>

On 9:53 am , Davin said...

Yeah well I was bored and I needed something to keep me occupied :)

On 2:53 pm , AlesS said...

Bored? Let me get this. You have lots of work, lack of sleep, and you're bored? :]
About PHP: I've tried it, wrote a very simple portal, and it's a bit awkward. Sure, simple and all, but the syntax just repelled me somehow. Then I started learning Python (right now I've got the task to write another simple portal) so I'd see first-hand why everyone is so loud about it. I've got to say it's a lot more powerful, there's even mod_python for apache, and I'm quite impressed by its (a bit unconventional) syntax and object model. So I'll be loud about it, too. ;)

On 3:30 pm , Davin said...

Right so whats so good about Python then? Does it support IIS?

On 4:01 pm , AlesS said...

Just check out a .py file to see a bit of Python - I won't write a manual here. ;)
You framed that question in an odd way: it's IIS who should support Python, not the other way around. And it does!

On 4:32 pm , Davin said...

Sweet. Maybe I'll get some PDF files and try to pick that up instead of PHP. PHP's a little dry for me, it could just be me actually

On 8:59 pm , AlesS said...

Naaah, you can't be dry, it rains every day in Malaysia! It's PHP I tell you! ;>

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