Microsoft Innovation Day
Wednesday, June 30, 2004 | Author: Dav
A bunch of guys (and myself) managed to get invited to the Microsoft Innovation Day and Bill Gates actually popped up and gave a short speech on Seamless Computing: Making It Real With Hardware and Software Advances.
It was good, and we also got a preview of the new OS codenamed 'Longhorn'.
I have some additional info but I'm sort of busy and I will try to get it up ASAP. For now here are some links to sites with more info on Longhorn.

Microsoft Longhorn Site

Longhorn Blogs

That should do for now.

Dav out
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On 5:12 pm , AlesS said...

Longhorn? It has long horns? M$ must be really glad to be associated with the devil on just about every alternate site. ;)

On 11:45 pm , Davin said...

Yeah you have your laugh, you with your outdated Debian packages. :)

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