Room Cleaning
Sunday, June 27, 2004 | Author: Dav
I have just finished cleaning my room. Its like a nuclear bomb went off and I had to shift through the rubble. Anyway I came across a bit of foam and 2 pc CPU fans, and I sort of got them working cooling my laptop. Its hot here, and my laptop needs all the help it can get, short of me getting A/C.
I might get pictures up later.
Take care world.

Dav out
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On 11:31 am , Anonymous said...

I missssssss you! You should be getting my letter soon btw! =0) Keep your eyes open for it!

On 3:37 pm , Davin said...

Hey there
Yeah I've been away-ish for the weekend and I had the flu on Monday and I couldnt go to work and stuff. Things are good here tho, and yeah I hope to get your card too.
Take care kellies

On 3:40 pm , Anonymous said...

Dude if you want to see a messy room you should catch a flight to the states and check out my room. There are clothes, books, cds all over the floor. Plus a bunch of empty pop cans. I definately recommend A/C, while we don't use it all that often it is lovely :) I would imagine it would do you a lot more good than it does us since it is freaking HOT AS HELL all the time over there.


On 3:42 pm , Davin said...

Yessss... it issss hot as helll... come on over with a few honeys and we'll tour the bars and pubs

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