Surrogates envy
Sunday, December 13, 2009 | Author: Dav

I took the evening off on my busy hectic weekend to catch the latest flick from Bruce Willis, Surrogates.

This sir, is a movie poster.

The movie is basically about how science comes up with a way for humans to remotely control robots remotely. The technology then advances; I'm sure with some suited guy in a corporate office the size of a basketball court, into technology that lets everyone strap themselves into a control couch and instead let their surrogate robot body go out and live life. Living life via a robot. Life. Robot. I digress.

Am I the only one who thinks that technology that allows humans to remotely control, sense, feel and manage a humanoid robot has gone to waste, just because we have the crazy need to play a real life version of the Sims?

I can come up with at least a hindered hundred uses of the Surrogate technology, of which only 1 is showcased in the movie. Surrogates in the military, brilliant, that was my first choice.

But what about space exploration? It makes so much sense! Having people here on Earth remotely controlling a robot on the Moon, building our first real off-world habitat.

Get lost bub, this is a job for us robots, see?

Why stop at the Moon? Heck, lets aim for Mars. Strap the largest, fastest rocket you can build on and watch that baby burn its way to Mars. We wont have to factor in issues on G-Forces or anything, these are robots for god's sake! Heck, we can even toss out O2 tanks, and a whole load of logistic issues, both on the way to Mars, and when the robots get there.

Sure, there might be a lag issue (I don't see any in the Earth versions!) but I'm sure we'll be able to iron out the kinks.

Hi, I'm a robot. I've been here toiling for years to build you a condo on Mars.


Oh, the movie? Eh, was not the best movie from Bruce (I get to call him Bruce, we're just that close) but it wasn't all bad. Very thought provoking in regards to humans loosing their humanity when technology that should have been used to further progress our lives gets used for an awesome MMORPG instead.

I personally couldn't live in a world where everyone looked perfect. Who would we make fun of then?

Dav out
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