How not to have a grape.... great day
Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Author: Dav

Here's my very own personal steps on how not to have a grape great day:

  1. Go to the store. See South African grapes on sale
  2. Spend 10 minutes trying to figure out which sack of grapes have the least mushed up grapes on the vine, only to settle for a prepacked tray
  3. Take grapes home
  4. Set grapes (in tray and cling wrap) on counter top, ohh and ahhh at the thought of eating these in front of the telly
  5. Peal off cling wrap
  6. Have grapes fall down the counter top to the floor in a cascade of luscious, juicy globes of goodness
  7. Dance away and backwards to avoid falling grapes, like they were globules of VX gas (See the movie 'The Rock' for vague reference)
  8. Mash and squish 10 - 15 grapes with step # 7 above
  9. Stop. Stare. Facepalm at mess
  10. Spend the next 20 minutes cleaning juice splatter from floor, cupboards and every-god-damn-where else
  11. Eat remaining 10 grapes
  12. Rue buying grapes

Dav out
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