Camp America 3000
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 | Author: Dav

Has anyone ever watched this movie? America 3000. It must be, and this comes from watching Flash Gordon many, many times, the most camp-est (is that a real word?) movie ever!

I watched it, and of course I overanalyzed it by wondering what the females did if they had a male child (toss him out I guess?), how the male's reproduced (from tossed aside male children?) and if the females were hell bent on killing the males in wars, then why not fix the problem at the root, stop tossing out male kids maybe?

UNLESS! Unless they knew it was some how related to perhaps a 'rule of diminishing returns' that if they started killing males and / or male children, they wouldn't have any more breeding stock?

Uh, sir, I think that' way too much analysis

All in all, I enjoyed the movie enough to want to hunt down a copy of Flash Gordon for a great movie weekend.

Now where did I save that torrent application again.....

Dav out
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