Saturday, March 05, 2005 | Author: Dav

Its been a sucky 2005 for me. I cant list out EVERYTHING thats gone on, but its things like today that make it really sucky.

The place where I'm staying currently (for work in and around Singapore) as a 'wet' kitchen, where most of the washing is done, and there's a washing machine there too. Now this area is sort of in the back of the house, and its more like a long room, and it has its own door, and its fully grilled up and gated. There is an access way to the back alley from the wet kitchen, but thats locked up too.

So I get my shirts and stuff, and go over to the washing machine and drop in some detergent and wait for it to fill. I had to unlock the first door, but I left that open so I thought things were ok. Halfway filling the machine, I hear a loud slam. The main door had just slammed shut. At this point of time, I was still ok, since I thought the door was unlocked (I've heard the door slam shut a few times when I was in the living room, but this was when I was INSIDE the house).

When I finished up at the machine, I went over to open the door and it was F-ING LOCKED! Right about now, I basicly freeked out.

1. I was locked in.
2. I didnt have my wallet, keys, phone, or ANYTHING.
3. Even if I did manage to get someone's attention, I didnt really know the people there, or any relevent phone numbers to get them to call (thank you speed dial on my cellphone!)
4. I was basicly fuc*ed.

Guess what I did?

Yes, I broke the door. Now the house belongs to my boss, so I couldnt flat out smash it to bits, and I didnt want to get the neighbours out as well. I kept applying pressure to the lower bit of the door close to the floor where there seemed some give, and kept at it for 1 hour.

Not saying that I kept pushing the side of the door for one WHOLE hour, it was more like 30 minutes. The rest of the time was spent freeking out. Mostly freeking out.

I finnaly got the bit of the door lock thats embedded in the door to crack the rest of the door side, and I helped it on with a knife I found in the kitchen.

Well since I'm here posting this, you all know that I got out.

Man this day sucks.

Dav out
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On 5:30 pm , Anonymous said...

welll u could always have tried meditating your way out eh? or maybe conjure up some ghee fireball to blast the door?

On 9:48 am , Anonymous said...

see i read your blog thingy :)

~Melanie aka }}i{{

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