To kill, or not to kill?
Wednesday, March 30, 2005 | Author: Dav
do you kill your accounts staff/department/data entry ppl when they say, do a bank transfer, screw that up, pass a journal to fix it, screw up the journal as well, then do a reversal thats built into the system, then pass another journal and mess it up again?
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On 2:10 pm , Ashiq said...

Take 2 or 3 shots of tequilla and chill. We'll capture those nefarious a-holes and we'll get to work on their brains. "Dr. Dav, pass me the Scalpel."
This is of course after you take a chainsaw and saw into their skull. By the way we'll get paid for this too. Don't you feel better now? :)

On 2:12 pm , Davin said...

On one hand, I'm very very happy. On the other, I am now a little scared of you :(. Promise me never to drop by?

On 2:29 pm , Ashiq said...

Ok maybe but can we discuss this after having tequilla?

On 2:47 pm , Davin said...

Woot tequila you are now my best friend once more. what brand are we talking about here? Got any of that silver stuff?

On 2:53 pm , Ashiq said...

naw dude its gold

On 10:55 pm , AlesS said...

You're not supposed to kill them. You're supposed to promote them! So that only skillful people remain that do the actual work. Haven't you noticed yet that mostly only clueless people get into management? ;)

On 9:35 am , Davin said...

Ugh lets not get into the whole "How some management people can be stupid." Mainly because they are.
End of story

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