Tuesday, March 29, 2005 | Author: Dav

There was a slight quake over here around 2.23pm. I actually felt the office building shift a little. We're on a 4 story building, and when we looked down, there were a couple of people already running away. It was a pretty short episode, like less then 10 seconds.


Dav out
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On 1:59 pm , Ashiq said...

yeah so I turned on the tube in the common room at my dorm and lo and behold on BBC news they were showing us the quake and how it affected the island of Niaz.
My juniors come up to me and ask what're you watching and I'm like "bbc man" and they demand that I allow them to change the channel to z music or b4u music. Guess they'd rather watch indian chicks shaking their bottoms.
I hope everyone is ok over there.

On 2:06 pm , Davin said...

Yeah everything's fine here :D

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