Wednesday, September 08, 2004 | Author: Dav
Davin cant come and blog at the moment, because work is taking too much of his life. Please be patient and wait for a next blog, as its going to be really really good. Really. For real.
Um.. this isnt Davin posting by the way. Its...er... his... office help.

Dav out.. *doh* I meen, Helper out
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On 10:09 am , cignet said...

you loose :P


On 10:24 am , Davin said...

That dont make no sense at all

On 2:40 pm , Anonymous said...

i'm os2/warp and i suck

On 3:50 am , AlesS said...

Davin! First they took the router control away from you, now they have your blog! Daaaviiiinn!!!

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