Dav isn't home anymore
Monday, September 20, 2004 | Author: Dav

This is Dav's assistant once more. Due to some abrubt changes in his schedual, he is unable to post anything on the blog this week, and in fact, he might not even post anything on his I.T-Dregs blog this week (but that might not be true, since I know he's prepared a post in Word, he just needs time to clean it up and post it).

Well, since I have some empty space to fill, I guess I'll tell you what he's actually up to. On Wednesday evening he's going to be flying down to Singapore for some early morning meetings on Thursday and Friday, then (hopefully) he will be flying back home on Saturday morning, just in time to attend a very, very important dinner come Saturday evening.

Oh... and he might be in Singapore again on Monday

Dav's assistant out
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On 6:52 am , Isserex said...

Davipoo has an assistant?

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