Maple Syrup and PAX04
Thursday, September 02, 2004 | Author: Dav

A good pall of mine (CD) went over the other side and managed to get into PAX04. Now I know, I know, those of you (like me) that didnt manage to get into PAX04 now hate him, but its all good. I'll try to get him to put up more pictures from PAX04.

The tired CD at PAX04

Dav out
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On 10:20 am , Anonymous said...

this is CD.

yeah, that's me. And PAX'04 was awesome.



On 10:21 am , Davin said...

Oh how we hate you dude, so.. so much hate. Did you buy me anything? Huh? huh?

On 2:47 pm , westcoastmeetsmidwest said...

"The chinise are always typecasted as 'asian' people even if there are other races living in Asia and call themselfs asians."

But...but...I thought the Chinese and the Japanese were the only ones entitled to call themselves "Asians". Afterall, all "Asians" are either Chinese or Japanese. Jus kiddin' ;) -k-

On 12:48 am , AlesS said...

Please excuse my ignorance but, what is PAX04? :]

On 9:24 am , Davin said...

Ah someone doesnt know what PAX04 is. Well my friend, follow this link and you will know all.

On 5:04 pm , Stephen said...

It's Davin! Actually, I figured I would drop by since you commented on my blog. Anyhow, After reading here, I decided that I will join the masses and hate (CD) for getting into PAX04. Curses!

On 6:57 am , Chuck said...

Hello, I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. But, your WOT links were the cause of this comment. I am also a HUGE fan of RJ's books. Even had the pleasure of meeting him once and getting a couple of signed copies of his books.

I will be back to read some more soon.

On 4:01 pm , Davin said...

Woah really? RJ? Sweet. Wonder how much those books go on Ebay now huh?

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