What a morning
Thursday, July 22, 2004 | Author: Dav
What a morning..
I got home last night around 9 pm from work, and I dragged my carcass into the shower and then on to the couch and just sat there for a while before going to bed. I was too tired to bother with Counter Strike with my brother, even if its really fun to put a bullet through his head and watch him fly back (even if I'm playing with a handicap, he has 2 bots on his side).
I wake up today and look at the watch, and it says 8am. Now, on a usual day when I’m driving the company car, I’m out of the house by 8.00am-8.15am. So yeah, I’m late.

I rush down and get ready for work, grab a slice of toast and jump in the car, and drive off at about 8.20am. When I was making my way to the company car, and I don’t FIND IT! Jebus! This was because I usually park it a little ways down the road, since my neighbors park their cars opposite my home as well. Last night, there was a spot just in front of my house. So this morning I walked down the road and couldn’t find the car. Really made me worried there, before I remembered I parked it right in front.

Things seem ok for now.

So here I am sitting in heavy traffic when I notice the lady in the other car next to me staring at me. I look at her back, and she turns away. Wondering what’s going on, I take a look at myself in the rear view mirror, and I see that I haven’t combed my hair. It was all spiky and wet and stuff, because when I was busy getting ready, I stood infront of the mirror and was applying hair cream, but I DIDN’T COMB MY HAIR after that. Poop. So by now I’m freaking out and I check to see if I put on any pants.
I did.
So that’s a good thing I guess.


Got to work on time. Tummy upset now :-(
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On 5:27 pm , AlesS said...

You were clearly visited by little green men during the night. They have obviously been experimenting on you and now you're all disoriented. I tell you, it's a conspiracy. Resist! Don't ever sleep again! Just work all days; don't even go home!

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