So. Very. Pissed.
Friday, July 23, 2004 | Author: Dav
I. Am. So. Very. Very. Pissed. Because. People. Keep. Calling. Me. And. Trying. To. Give. Me. Work. Even. When. Its. After. My. Working. Hours. And. I'm. Already. At. Home. So. I. Would. Like. To. Say. Screw. You
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On 12:04 am , AlesS said...

As your new self-appointed therapist I prescribe you a party. Party on dude! Just tell those callers to give you a break because you don't feel well. After all, feeling hostility toward them isn't good, so you wouldn't be lying. ;)

On 9:40 pm , Davin said...

After the blood rage went away I did'nt feel so angry anymore, and I did'nt kill anyone, so I guess its ok now.

On 11:26 pm , *Alouqua* said...

*hugs you* just tell 'em to fuck off you're not on the clock. hehe

On 4:33 pm , Anonymous said...

Hey man It's VATitan from Norfolk, VA, just caught ya on AA and you sent me your I guess diary page, just wanted to say hi, and that I really like playing with ya, it was great and you really are good, look me up on AA as VATitan or AOL Instant Messanger as Sccrtaz.. talk to ya later.. peace.... Srgt. Caswell

On 4:41 pm , Davin said...

Woah cool that VAT guy plays a mean game of America's Army (AA). Damn it he didnt leave an email addy.

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